poppin cookin colorful ramune land

Kracie popin cookin Colorful Ramune Land Instractions

I made Kracie’s new popin’cookin’ DIY candy kit “Colorful Ramune Land.This kit can help you to make kawaii ramunes(lemon pop).

It becomes smart in various tastes when I mix Making powder lemon, Grape, and Soda.
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Umaibo flavors

What is Umaibo?

“Umaibo,” meaning great tasting stick in Japanese, is a stick type snack that is sold in Japan by Yaokin.
There come in many unique flavors such as fermented beans flavor, seasoned cod roe flavor, etc, and it is very cheap. That’s why it’s a national snack that most Japanese people have eaten when they were children.
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Rules for Playing the Pocky Game


In case of two people playing

To play the Pocky game, a man and a lady will hold each end of the Pocky with their mouth, and eat it from each end so that in the end their lips almost touch like they are kissing. It’s a game to enjoy the pounding of your heart by doing so. It’s a wonderful game full of ideas that was made up to have fun in a group party of men and ladies mixed up, called “Goukon” in Japan.

You lose when you look away from embarrassment  or you let go of the Pocky.
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bâton d'or

“Bâton d’or” is a Pocky Series Only Sold in Osaka, Japan

Pocky that is loved by everyone is a long seller product by Glico. It’s a chocolate snack with a crispy pretzel covered by chocolate coating.
It is sold worldwide in a few dozen countries, and it’s a snack that is to be enjoyed in casual situations. However, there is a Pocky series that is only sold in Osaka, Japan, and you need to queue in a long line of people in order to get it.
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Japanese Candy Toilet Series – Poop Shaped Gummy Candies

A bag of sweets was handed out to children at a festival in an elementary school in Japan. Right after that, the place  exploded with a racket so big that the ceiling was shaking. The children were all shouting out “the” word, the one that is considered “taboo while eating.” The children are all looking so happy holding that piece of candy.
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