Japanese Candy Assortment | 2016 November Funbox

Our November Funbox includes Black Thunder, chocolate snack which is very popular in Taiwan, this time we chose new flavor Kinako (roasted soy flour).  Inside the box you’ll also find popular educational confectionery “Let’s make Pudding Parfait/Kracie” and “Hot-Cola chewing gum” which gets warm as you chew!  For more details, click the button below.

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Kraice Happy Pudding Making Instractions

Popin ‘Cookin’ is a creative series of Japanese do-it-yourself candy kits to make your own candy. Totally edible, these kits contain the different powders, molds and accessories needed to prepare the treats displayed. To create them, you only need to add water to the powder mixture and let it react in the molds.

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