Welcome to Japan Funbox!

Hi, and welcome to Japanfunbox! Nice to meet you. We are based in Osaka. Japan funbox is a subscription delivery service that brings you all the most fun, cute, and crazy candy from Japan, right to your doorstep monthly!

We were inspired to start our service by a Chinese person we worked with — we mainly work with Web development, and came to meet him through a business project. He was extremely talented and diligent, and outside of work he was also kind enough to introduce us to a whole host of other interesting things like popular Chinese trends and the differences between Japanese and Chinese culture. He also loved to eat candy while he was working.

Shortly after he returned to China, a new flavor of Kit-Kat (one of his favorite treats) was released back here in Japan. We decided to send him a package including the new flavor, as well as a number of other candies, and he was so delighted that we started sending him packages regularly! He shared the candies with his friends, who also told us that they’d love us to send them packages of their own.

This was our first realization that the candy that we are so familiar with here in Japan were so diverse and varied from an international perspective. Knowing how much delight our packages brought to their recipients, we decided that we wanted to share the joy of Japanese candy with the rest of the world. That’s why we started Japan funbox. So why sell our packages on a regular basis instead of selling each individual candy separately? Well, that way it’s much more cost-effective, and even more fun!

Our subscription service is still in its early days, but we truly hope you’ll join us to experience the excitement and fun of our Japanese candy box for yourselves! Bon appétit!