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An Evening of Sake, Plum Wine & Kit Kats

If you have ever visited Japan, one of the things you might have noticed, is the sheer variety of Kit Kats available here.As well as the trademark milk chocolate, you can find everything from rum and raisin to even soy sauce flavor.


On 24th September, we popped along down to the Citan hostel in Tokyo’s Nihombashi to taste the newest addition to the range — plum wine (or umeshu as it is called in Japan).


So what does a plum wine kit kat taste like? you quite rightly ask. The plum wine itself, which is made by Heiwa Shuzo in Wakayama Prefecture, famous for their KID brand, is quite sour and there were certainly sour notes in the white chocolate Kit Kat, but these are nicely balanced by the pungent aroma of the plums. If you love plum wine, you won’t be disappointed. The mix of sweet and sour is sublime.


In addition to Kit Kats, there was a range of sake tasting sets featuring sake from some of Japan’s most renowned breweries as well as a range of original dishes prepared by chefs in an open kitchen. We ordered menu (A) which featured sake from Juyondai (Yamagata), Hakuko (Hiroshima) and Masuizumi (Toyama), who provided their sake to make the sake kit kat.


The trendy hostel itself was the perfect setting for this international event where both Japanese and English speakers mingled and interacted with a glass of sake in hand.


We can’t wait to see what Nakata san, or indeed Kit Kat comes up with next.


Writer: Chris Hughes (WSET Educator based in Tokyo)