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“Bâton d’or” is a Pocky Series Only Sold in Osaka, Japan


Pocky that is loved by everyone is a long seller product by Glico. It’s a chocolate snack with a crispy pretzel covered by chocolate coating.
It is sold worldwide in a few dozen countries, and it’s a snack that is to be enjoyed in casual situations. However, there is a Pocky series that is only sold in Osaka, Japan, and you need to queue in a long line of people in order to get it.

The name of the Pocky that everyone is talking about is “Bâton d’or,” and it is only sold at Glico’s directly managed stores which are in Hankyu Umeda Central Branch and Takashimaya Osaka Branch. So I went to Hankyu Umeda Central Branch to get some “Bâton d’or!”

A 40 Minute Queueing to Buy “Bâton d’or”



I visited the “Bâton d’or” shop in Hankyu Umeda Central Branch in Japan. There were 10 people ahead of me waiting in line already, and when I tried to join the queue, a staff told me that the end of the line was at the way-stop in front of the elevator.

When I got to the point, there was a sign showing “Queue way-stop for Bâton d’or,” and there were 20 other people waiting in line. I waited in line for around 40 minutes to get the premium Pocky, saying to myself, “Wow, look how popular this place is… I can’t believe I have to wait this long to buy a Pocky…” If the taste isn’t what I’m expecting, I won’t be happy!

Even the Package has a Premium Look


The flavors that were there when I visited the shop were milk, white chocolate, Uji green tea, strawberry, and coffee. The price is 481 Japanese yen (4 US dollars) per box. Even the package has a premium look. When I opened the package, an elegant aroma of butter rushed out… I already feel that this is not just some usual snack!

 The Mellow and Sweet Aroma of Butter will Charm You


The “Bâton d’or” pretzel is much thicker than a normal Pocky. Butter is kneaded into the dough, and whatmore, it has been sprinkled with loads of “pure butter shower” – butter with all water and solid material removed. I can really taste the butter!!!!! So good!!!!!
It is only Pocky, but it’s really the best. Sweets bring me such profound joy… From June 12th, they have changed the lineup, and a new type that doesn’t use chocolate is sold. They say that these Pockys sometimes gets sold out, so if you really want to get it, maybe you should make a visit in the morning.

They don’t sell online, so this is definitely a must visit when you come to Japan.

Bâton d’or Takashimaya Main Shop



B1F, Takashimaya Osaka Branch, 5-1-5, Namba, Chuo-ku, Osaka

Bâton d’or Umeda Main Shop



B1F, Hankyu Umeda Central Branch, 8-7, Kakuda-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka

Bâton d’or Takashimaya Kyoto Shop



B1F, Takashimaya Kyoto Branch, 52, Nishiiruma-cho, Kawaramachi, Shijo-dori, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto

Japanese Candy Box

Maybe you’ll find
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