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Best wafer snack for women in their 20s and 30s | Japanese food

Best wafer snack for women in their 20s and 30s, irritated by stress in the workplace and wafers that can supply iron or calcium in irregular menstruation.

I think my body is heavy… and I do not feel motivated…

“Oh, will that day begin again?”

It is important to have menstruation as a woman, I know it is unavoidable. But I’m not used to that feeling, drowsiness, irritation.

From about the day before yesterday, frustration before the menstruation began, My boss annoyed me while I was working, I became irrationally defensive.

I deeply regret what I’ve done…

Still I feel irritated is calmer than before. The secret is wafer. I feel a bit better after I changed snacks when I was hungry, to a certain wafer.

Causes of irritation are mineral deficiency!

Lack of minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron and the like makes it easy to cause irritation and anemia.

A woman seems to be lacking in minerals by giving minerals to her stomach baby during menstruation or pregnancy, in addition to having less bone than men.

Even if diet with unbalanced nutrition is made due to unreasonable diet, eating out, instant food etc., iron and calcium are particularly short.

Menstrual irregularity is also one cause of mineral deficiency

Not only do you get irritated if you are short of minerals, it tends to cause anemia, it is prone to menstrual irregularity. Because iron is always missing, the body will not use iron. Furthermore, iron deficiency also causes disorder of hormonal balance and exerts various adverse effects on the body.

Required amount of iron
Iron is 10 mg / day, and at physiological time it is 30 mg.

Iron is a component with poor absorptivity, only 1 mg is absorbed even if 10 mg of iron is ingested. Similarly minerals tended to be deficient in women, calcium absorption is also about 25% of intake, very poor absorption of nutrients.

It is difficult to compensate for iron by just meals, so it is a point to compensate for the lacking nutrients in snacks.

High Cacoo Plus Ca · Fe Wafer Cacao Cream Taste

It is recommended to take iron and calcium with poor absorptivity efficiently with snacking, “High Caco Plus Ca · Fe Wafer Cacao Cream Taste”!

Popular nutrition function & health support wafer for a wide range of age ranges from children to adults. Also popular sweets for people who care about beauty and health.

Combined 100 mg of calcium and 2.5 mg of iron on one wafer. Using black cocoa, modestly sweet, bittersweet adult taste with a bitter sense.

Even though it tends to be deficient in calcium and iron content, it can be eaten easily every day.

Women tend to lack minerals due to low original bone mass, menstruation, pregnancy, etc., many dieters are lacking all nutrients.

The ideal thing is to incorporate nutrition balancedly with three meals.

However, I think that there are many difficult things, so at such times it is better to supplement nutrients with snacks. Take delicious nutrition for future pregnancy and health.