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Do you have good taste in men? Pudding fortune telling!! | Snack fortune telling

“I do not want to go out with a sloppy man any more! Next time, I want to have a wonderful love affair with a lovely man!”

But, if I go out, with a bad guy again…Many people are worried about such problems. In such a case, let’s ask the sweets.

Which following puddings do you like? Pudding tells exactly how much the eye, tha you see your man, is.

Sweets fortune telling

a. Caramel pudding
b. Pudding a la mode
c. Baked Pudding
d. Coffee milk pudding

a. You picked a Caramel pudding …,
You have good taste in man. The most common caramel pudding is a symbol of familiar things. To choose caramel pudding, you are excellent in the ability to find love partners from familiar people.
Because there are also many opportunities to develop into romantic relationships, if the original friendship is narrow, the choices will be less and you may meet a sloppy man.

b. You chose a Pudding a la mode …,
You have bad taste in man…
The colorful fruits, plenty of cream on a pudding a la mode has a big impact on the appearance. In other words, you tend to judge men only by looking and first impression.
For love, looks and first impressions are also important, but please also try to see inside of him.

c. You chose a Baked pudding …,
You have great taste in man.
Baked pudding is a balanced sweet with crispy texture and soft mouth feel. You can find out his appearance, inside, passion and calmness. Also, you will be attracted to such a well-balanced man.

d. You chose a Coffee milk pudding …,
You have not good taste in man.
Indigenous coffee pudding implies that you are picky with guys. Whatever the surroundings say, you are particular about love.
Until you break up with him you may not be able to see the other person’s nature.