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Does your work progress in the afternoon? Convenience store fortune telling|Snack fortune telling

When you made a small mistake at work and you do not get motivated at all. It may be a day to eat sweets and refresh these days.

Long awaited lunch time, you went to a convenience store to have lunch, you will choose the dessert after dinner.

Which of the following did you choose?
a. Donut
b. Cookies
c. Candy
d. Gum
a. You chose a donut …


You will be motivated from the afternoon. At first glance, a soft and sweet donut has an image that you feel relieved. However, it is fried with hot oil. So it’s implies passion. You will be able to focus on your work!!

b. You chose cookie …
Your work would progress!! A cookie which is a baking snack has power of the fire.
You can recover mistakes in the morning and you will be able to achieve results at work.

c. You chose Candy …
Make a fresh start!! You are able to have fun working on the afternoon work. A round and pop candy represents fun. Even if work is hard, you will find a challenge and be able to work positively.

d. You chose gum …
I’ll forget the past and make a fresh start. It seems You can switch the feelings. A refreshing gum refreshes not only in your mouth but also in your mood. Switching the depressed mood in the morning mistake, You can concentrate on your work as usual.