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Even before dating, I don’t worry. The soda candy, it’s called Ramune, is recommended when being a little hungry at a going out destination. Because it isn’t attached to your tooth. | Japanese food


Even before dating, I don’t worry. The soda candy, it’s called Ramune, is recommended when being a little hungry at a going out destination. Because it isn’t attached to your tooth.

What do you eat when you are a little hungry on the go in case. It is hard to eat chocolate because mouths get dirty and caramel sticking to teeth when you are outside.

In such a case, the Ramune candy is very recommended!!

the Ramune candy is a sweet which reproduced the soda drink called ramune, but it is easy to eat with crispy. It is characterized by sticking to teeth and hands less dirty. Therefore, even before you meet an important person, you can eat it easily and quick.

This time, I will introduce the popular Ramune sweets in Japan for many years.

1. Orion Mini Ramune Series Mini Cola

Orion Mini Ramune Series, Mini Cola is a cola-flavored ramune candy that came in a cute container made of canned beverages. If you open the lid, do not drink it!

You may eat this one by one, but if you eat a couple of grains together, it is more delicious and fun.
When you go on a trip with a friend, you bring Orion Ramune. I think that you will be talking about by the small and cute package and the share of delicious ramune.

Orion mini ramune has unique and good texture. Because the taste and texture are delicious, once I start, I can’t stop eating…

When you go on a trip with a friend, you bring Orion Ramune. I think that you will be talking about by the small and cute package and the share of delicious ramune.

2. Morinaga’s Ramune

Ramune is a soda drink with a necked middle form and a glass ball stopper. It has been popular in Japan for decades. In order to open the stopper of the glass beads of the ramune, it is necessary to drop the glass beads on the bottle’s neck using special tools. Opening the stopper is also a very fun activity, so it is very popular among children in Japan.

Morinaga candy’s ramune reproduces the drink’s ramune. It is contained in a miniature ramune bottle, and the taste looks like ramune. But round and white snack like the ball of beads with which the contents bound powder, not liquid.

It gets disentangled when chewing, you can enjoy a different texture from candy and caramel. If you dissolve the ramune candy on your tongue, you will feel like a real, shameless feeling like a real ramune. If you chew it, the feeling of broken hollow is also interesting.

If you like the taste of ramune, you must like this ramune sweets! Unique taste will spread out in the mouth, then the hand will stretch… It will surely be a fantastic experience for everyone who loves Japanese sweets and ramune drinks.

Especially, since this ramune candy is not too sweet, it is recommended also when you do not want to take sugar too much.

There is another way to enjoy ramune candy.

Some of the surface of the ramune has a small face. This is so cute! There are five expressions in all, so please find it. By the way, my favorite is a kiss face.

3. Cocoa cigarette

Cocoa cigarette, as the name of “cigarette”, is a sweet with a package reminiscent of a cigarette box. Inside, there are six cigarette type of ramune snacks made from sugar, cocoa and mint.

Although the package is conscious of piece (10), it says that cocoa cigarette package is cheering for smoking cessation.

I can not suck this instead of cigarettes, but it maybe nice when I feel something is missing into my mouth. Cocoa cigarette is delicious so why not try smoking when you are trying to quit smoking?

The identity of cocoa cigarettes is neither chocolate nor cocoa but sugar confectionery like ramune.
When I chewed it, I got a grueling, crispy, it’s quite hard. If your chin is weak, you can not bite easily.

If you chew, the flavor of peppermint fills your monththe,light flavor of cocoa comes, finally the sweetness of the sugar will come after you.

Cocoa is very refraining and the image of the sweet tender “Frisk” because mentha is making more use. Even after swallowing cocoa cigarette, feeling of refreshment of peppermint remains in mouth for a while and feels good. With this one, sorry, I feel refreshed.

You want to manage adults and add to your mouth! Let’s go one piece.

4. Fueramune

Fueramune is a round candy with a hole in the middle. Sandwich it with upper and lower teeth, breathe in the hole, it sounds like a whistle. Therefore, it says “Fueramune”.

Though fueramune is thinness easy to eat, I think the point that the strength which can be used as whistle is maintained is also wonderful. Soda water with the feature matchless only. Only the point that sound rings is noticed , but fueramune is also good of course as soda water.

Also, it is attractive that it has a bonus toy box. There are small toys in the box, and there are for boys and girls. It is a cheap toy, but there are so many kinds. There are no ending as it collects monster series, car series with moving parts, stamps etc.

In Japan, to collect these toys are very popular even adults.

Come, let’s get a toy!

5. Chameleon Ramune

The snack with the high percentage of completion which is to the extent chameleon soda water exceeds the level of seven change!

Despite the low price of 30 yen, this amount, this taste, and this fun! Chameleon Ramune is a grape taste when it comes out of the package. But when melting chameleon ramune in the mouth, the color and taste of the ramune will change.

And that color predicts your fortune excellently!

For example, if the ramune changed from grape taste to melon taste, the fortune of “good luck”.

What a unique sweetie you are?

It turns into color and taste, mushy mystery adventure ramune. The taste has changed a lot and can be enjoyed many times. Do you know the taste of happiness? Let’s take on the challenge from chameleon!

6. Cupped Ramune

Cuppy ramune is a super long-selling ramune candy in Japan.

It has a cute package of rabbits and squirrels. When Cuppy ramune is put in the mouth, it has melting mouth feeling, moderate sweetness and sourness, and it is supported by a wide generation.

Cuppy ramune is colorful hues such as white, orange and pink, and each taste is different, so you can eat while enjoying what taste comes next.

After all, I became addictive, and even if I eat it thinking “one more piece”, I eat “I already have one more piece”. When I notice it, it is gone, eventually it will be possible to open up another.

Because it is subdivided and convenient to carry, it is an item of great success to the excursion, to the prize of the game, to the back of the child who does not stop crying.

7. Summary

Ramune sweets that makes light taste and gentle sweetness a habit. Because it is easy to eat, it is loved by all generations, from small children to the elderly.

It does not melt, even if it is hot like chocolate, and it does not stick to teeth like caramel so we recommend you to eat when you are lazy on the go. Lamune is definitely going to give one to the bag!