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Failure at work, sweets fortune telling what you need now | Japanese sweets fortune telling‼

“I made a mistake many times at work. ”
Despite all the hard work you do, you fail repeatedly.In such a case stop once and let’s refresh with sweets!

Which of the following do you want to eat now?

a. Chocolate
b. Castella
c. Marshmallow
d. Crepe


a. You chose a Chocolate …,
You chose a chocolate that is known to activate the brain. You are not motivated. Even if you act forcefully when you do not have motivation, you will rather have trouble. You had better take a good rest and refresh.

b. You chose Castella …,
You need ambition. The etymology of a castella is a castle. That symbolizes aspiration. You maybe work hard, but actually you do a slovenly job. Even if work is boring, set a goal and work towards achieving that goal. Then, you can get the results you want.

c. You chose a Marshmallow …,
You need relaxation. The marshmallow is soft and gentle sweetness. That shows that you need to get plenty of rest. A stress causes a mistake and that leads to a stress again. You get enough sleep, and it would be better to make time to do a favorite thing.

d. You chose a Crepe …,
You need kindness. Crepe is made by wrapping fruits and creams. It means kindness.
You should talk to trustworthy friend about your worry. If you do it, you be able to get a grip on yourself, and deal with a situation.