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Find out the evaluation from around! Japanese sweets fortune telling!! | Snack fortune telling

“Somehow recently, it does not go well with surroundings …”

Things like that happen in the workplace and school. Even if there is no particular big circumstance, it’s difficult to keep a distance relationship from around. At that time, knowing the current evaluation from around, it might be useful for solving.

Well, which of the next four Japanese sweets do you want to eat now?

a. Manju(It’s a bun filled with sweet bean paste)
b. Monaka (wafer cake filled with red bean paste)
c. Kashiwa mochi (It’s a traditional Japanese mochi with red bean paste filling wrapped with an oak leaf.
d. Kintsuba(confection made from red beans paste wrapped with flour dough)

Sweets fortune telling

a. You chose the manju …,
You might think that you are always irritated. A round and fluffy manjhu is a symbol of calmness and tolerability. Perhaps it’s not easy for you to care for other things.Let’s relax with delicious manju and tea.

b. You choosing a monaka …,
You may be look dissatisfied. There are plenty of bean paste in monaka, and oval shaped is a symbol of wealth.
You are dissatisfied with not being appreciated despite your efforts to gain wealth. If you continue your efforts, you will succeed someday, so let’s eat monaka that is a symbol of wealth.

c. You chose Kashiwa mochi …,
You may look selfish. Kashiwa mochi has high originality and means strong desire to want to walk powerfully on his own way.
Therefore, it may float from the surroundings. If you push forward with a strong will, there is a high possibility that results will appear.

d. You chose kintsuba …,
You may look lazy. Kintsuba is a sweets made from a brim of a sword used by a samurai, indicating persistence of perseverance and intention. You may have lacked patience, so please eat the kintsuba and charge the energy.