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Green Tea Ice Cream that can be Bought in Japan

Green Tea Ice Cream

Recently, Japanese green tea is complimented as being very healthy and delicious in various countries including the United States. Japanese snack makers are all coming up with new green tea flavored food, not to be outdone by makers from other countries. Today, I would like to introduce green tea ice cream, one of the most popular sweets in Japan. Of course, you can only find it in Japan. Please refer to our information when visiting Japan!

People’s Reactions When They Eat Green Tea Ice Cream in Japan

Japanese Green Tea Ice Cream Reviews

Meiji Rich Green Tea – Meiji

Green Tea Ice Cream

Reviews:***** (5 stars)

The inside has a light green tea flavor without much sweet flavor. You can enjoy the rich and deep taste of green tea.

The ice cream is coated with green tea chocolate, and there are crunchy crumbs in the chocolate.
It is a little bit sweet on the outside, but as the inside is light ice cream, it matches very well when eaten together.

Green tea ice cream & Red bean paste between Wafers – Ezaki Glico

Green Tea Ice Cream


Reviews:*** (3 stars)

Very light and easy to eat. The ice cream does not have a rich flavor.
There is some red bean paste in it, but it doesn’t disturb the green tea flavor as it has a light taste also.

You may not be fully satisfied if you like really sweet flavors.

Giant Cone Green Tea Chocolate Ganache – Ezaki Glico

Green Tea Ice Cream

Reviews:**** (4 stars)

The green tea ice cream itself is light, and there is a rich green tea flavor to it.
However, the green tea flavor is pushed away by the strong scent of chocolate. The strong scent of chocolate is quite a powerful rival against the green tea flavor.

Green Tea Shaved Ice with Condensed Milk – Morinaga

Green Tea Ice Cream

Reviews:**** (4 stars)

Light shaved ice that is not too sweet. There is not so much condensed milk, and it matches well with the light ice.
It doesn’t have a bitter taste, and the green tea flavor is not too deep.

Green tea and Chocolate between Wafers – Morinaga Dessert

Green Tea Ice Cream

Not too sweet and can enjoy the flavor of green tea. The scent and the bitterness could not be tasted much. It was good that the wafers was soft and chewy, and did not taste cheap.

Uji Green Tea Sundae Ice Cream – Imuraya

Green Tea Ice Cream

Reviews:*****(5 stars)

The dark flavor of green tea smells very good when passing through the nose. The taste is very rich as well.

The bitterness can be tasted on the tongue. and it is softly sweetened.

Green tea and Rice cake between Wafers – Seria Roile

Green Tea Ice Cream

Reviews:****(4 stars)

The ice cream and the chewy rice cake matches very much. The green tea ice cream has a deep flavor and strong scent.
The ice cream has volume and it is very good, but there was only a little bit of rice cake even though it is advertised on the wrapper. It would be better if there were more in it.

Haagen Daz Crunchy Crunch – Haagen Daz Japan

Green Tea Ice Cream

The chocolate coating is thick and fulfilling, and the chocolate has strong green tea flavor which matches perfectly with the sweetness of the ice cream inside. The ice cream is rich, but there is no bitterness. The chocolate coating is also sweet, and I love it.

MOW Green tea – Morinaga

Green Tea Ice Cream


It doesn’t have a rich taste or flavor. It is not so sweet, and it tasted kind of cheap. There is no strong characteristic to this ice cream, which is sad.

Green tea bar with Red bean paste – Seria Roile

Green Tea Ice Cream

Reviews:** (2 stars)

The green tea ice cream is light and does not have a rich flavor. The aftertaste is also light and very easy to eat.
It has red bean paste inside which has a strong flavor, and it seemed that the green tea part was weaker in flavor.

Red bean paste is mostly enjoyed only by Japanese people, so maybe this would not be your choice when you visit Japan.

Ice balls Green tea au lait – Ezaki Glico

Green Tea Ice Cream

Reviews:**** (4 stars)


Light taste, but has the bitterness of green tea. When eaten after lightly melting it, the flavor gets stronger.
It has a nice taste and is not so sweet, so you will not be able to stop once you start eating it.

Jerzey Milk between Wafers – Green tea flavor – Ohayo

Green Tea Ice Cream

Reviews :*** (3 stars)

The milk ice cream and green tea ice cream is mixed in a marble. It looks very nice, but as it has condensed milk in it, the ice cream tastes very sweet.

I would call it ice cream with a soft green tea flavor, rather than green tea ice cream.

Uji Green tea with condensed milk and red bean paste between Wafers – Imuraya

Green Tea Ice Cream

Reviews : **** (4 stars)

Has a nice taste and the lightly sweetened ice cream matches well with the sweet red bean paste and condensed milk.
I actually do not like red bean paste as it is too sweet, but this ice cream has a little bit of red bean paste and condensed milk together with a lot of ice cream, so it goes along very well making the ice cream taste even better.


Every makers do not only use green tea ice cream, but they combine it with rice cake, wafers, and red bean paste so that we can enjoy many flavors.My favorite was Uji green tea sundae ice cream and Haagen Daz Crunchy Crunch. Please have a try when you come to Japan, although there will be a lot more new flavors by that time! lol.