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How to make progress with your work? Coffee break fortune telling!! | Japanese sweets fortune telling‼

“Recently, I am not enjoying my work…”

Everyone is painful to go to work at cold winter. At such time, I recommend you a coffee break. Which coffee do you choose among the following?

Coffee will tell you what you need now.

a. Blue Mountain
b. Guatemala
c. Mocha
d. Cafe au lait


a. You chose Blue Mountain …,
You seek independence with work. Blue Mountain is said to be “the king of coffee” with a perfect balance of aroma, rich and taste. It means that you are looking for perfect things.
You should try looking for a job that will give you a sense of accomplishment.

b. You chose Guatemala …,
You need take a look of yourself. The rich Guatemalan coffee represents the desire to deeply pursue your true heart.
Even if you can barely keep up with the work you have at hand, that you have no time or energy to think about anything else. Let’s listen to your feelings.

c. You chose Mocha …,
You need a new stimulus. Mocha coffee with a strong acidity is a manifestation of feelings seeking exciting things. Perhaps you are interested in new jobs and other work. If you are not satisfied with your current work, why don’t you register as a career change website?

d. You chose Cafe au lait …,
You need a new goal. Cafe au lait is a good balance between coffee and milk.
It implies an encounter with something new with you. You should reveal your feelings to trusted bosses and colleagues.

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