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I want an ideal love! What sort of love do you want? Chocolate fortune telling! | Japanese sweets fortune telling‼

“I want to do adult romance!”
“I want an exciting romance!!”

When summer comes, I want to experience different romance. So, let’s ask to a chocolate which is a “love medicine” about your ideal love.

Which type of chocolate do you want to eat out of the following?

a. Cube of assorted chocolate
b. Ball chocolate like truffle
c. Heart shaped chocolate as presented to Valentine
d. Stick type chocolate


a. You chose a Cube of assorted chocolate …,
You would like a sophisticated adult romance. Cube type with all sides equal in length and well-balanced represents sophistication. You can say that you have chosen cube-type chocolate, you just want adult romance with a balance of passion and calm.

b. You chose a Ball type chocolate like a truffle …,
You will want a serious love. Ball-shaped chocolate shaped like wrapping means seriousness, honesty, and so on.
You wish to meet people who want to be together forever.

c. You chose a Heart-shaped chocolate as you give to valentine …,
It would be sweet and would like a drama-like love affair. The heart shaped chocolate which can be said as a symbol of love is an image of a sweet love just like being drawn by a novel or a drama.
Perhaps you want a hot love that will never be forgotten.

d. You chose a stick-shaped chocolate …,
You would like a romantic development that develops in a natural way. Stick type chocolate that you can easily eat is a sign that you want a casual relationship.
Now you want to love! Rather than thinking that we should naturally develop into a romantic relationship on an extended line of friendship with someone.

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