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Increase your concentration!! | Snack fortune telling

“I can not concentrate on my work or study somehow”

In such a case, let’s eat lightly and refresh your feelings! So, when I opened the desk drawer, I had the next four sweets.
If you are me, which one would you choose?

a. Candy
b. Chocolate
c. Gum
d. Cookies

Fortune telling with snacks

a. You chose Candy … …,
Unfortunately, you will lack concentration… Because a round and colorful candy shows that various fun things will happen. It is unsuitable for work and study, but instead you may get fun events.

b. You chose Chocolate … …,
It may be when you need support from the opposite sex. Like the sweet chocolate, it is the timing that you want to be treated gently from the opposite sex. Let’s calm the feeling by talking to a lover or someone else. It will lift your spirit.
c. You chose Gum … …,
It is an implication that concentration ability and action power are improved. The movement of chewing the gum is effective for improving concentration of the brain. You will be able to act more ambitiously as well as work and study. It might be now if you challenge new things.

d. You chose Cookies… …,
You are able to concentrate on your work and study now. Baked confectionery such as cookie has strong power of fire. Therefore, you choose cookie, energy will fill up and concentration will improve.