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Is this Love ? Sweet fortune telling that you can understand how he is feeling about you | Japanese sweets fortune telling‼

“I always think about him.”

But, I do not understand as much as I like him …have you ever experienced that?

Perhaps it may be in love, it may be a relationship as a friend, it may be a friendly boy friend. If you were to present to him like that, which sweets do you choose?

Sweets will tell you the way of love.

2.Roll cake


a. You chose a Rusk…,
You ought to want to have a more close relationship with him.
Originally it is said that the rusk was made to enhance the preservation of bread, but now it has become familiar sweets. I want to give such a rusk to him, I want to become his familiar presence.
Beyond familiar existence, there is a possibility that you will want a love relationship.

b. You chose a Roll cake…,
I would like to have a great friend relationship with him.
Roll cakes are also pleasing for parties, souvenirs, etc. It is a symbol of bright and fun. You should always think that you want to have a fun relationship with him who wants to present such a roll cake.
While thinking that you want to be like a close friend like him, I’d like to become a lover someday.

c. You chose a Manju…,
You will want him to be a counselor. Manju is simple in appearance and material, which means you have a relationship with him more than a friend. when there is anything, you hope he helps you.

d. You choose a Macaroon…,
I would like to have a good rivalry relationship with him. When presenting macaroons, you must choose macaroons that he likes from a rich variety of macaroons. In other words, you are going to challenge him with your sense.
You may be looking for an exciting relationship that will allow you to work hard with him and grow up mutually.

#Roll cake