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It is cheap both low calorie and unexpected even while on a diet! | Japanese food

It is cheap both low calorie and unexpected even while on a diet!
You get feeling of satisfaction from “Umaibo”!!

Speaking of snack that everyone knows in Japan, after all, it is a good stick.

Umaibo is quite famous as an interesting package and snacks that realistically reproduces unusual flavors. Besides becoming crisp and crispy, it is a felleg dish so it is satisfying to eat. Even so, a good stick is as low as 30 kcal and unexpectedly low calorie. Besides, traditional snacks that reached 10 yen each.

This time, I will introduce ten different flavors that I do not get tired of eating every day, my most favorite treat is Umibo♡

Cod roe flavor: 35 kcal per one

It is the most popular taste of taste. The seasoned cod roe taste most popular in the good stick. But when I often think, a snack of the cod taste may be valuable. The surface of a good snack is covered with red powder.

This is a secret flavor that reproduces the appearance and flavor as well.
The person who gets addicted appears one after another in the rich flavor.
When the spicy taste will be a habit, it’s a little famous.

Even a nice bar can be eaten with a snack sensation or a snack sensation, even now I have grown up, I love Mentai taste!

I do not know the meaning of a package of delicious stuffed taste – “During the scientific experiments, the character of a good stick appeared as BOM and” Power Up! “I do not know the meaning, but I like somehow fun.

Cheese flavor: 34 kcal per one

Cheese taste comes in eyes with a package design ♪ Groovy music♪ flower rock with BOY singing with a microphone.

Cheese taste that makes you feel happy from the moment you opened the package. It’s a strong cheese smell that is irresistible for cheese lovers!

Also, a slightly moist texture well expresses the richness of cheese. Cheese taste is a dish that fits well for snacks such as wine.

Salami taste: 34 kcal per one

Salami taste is a package of BOY on the kickboard.

“It’s so quick !!”

Robo dog at the bottom of the package is an Aibo popular with a long time ago? What? He is passing by with a smile beside BOY, “Oh wow!”

Salami taste was also refreshing taste, popular flavor in Japan is a classic.

It has a sense of smoke, it contains beef powder in addition to pork powder, and you can feel amazing meat feeling.

It is not ham or sausage, the unique scent of spices used in salami is reproduced in realism.

Umibo Salami taste may be eaten as it is, but it is very delicious if you put it in a snack with cheese.

Takoyaki: 36 kcal one

Package of takoyaki taste of a good bar, somehow boxing ….

No way, is it the image of Tako Hachiro? What? On the octopus’ s tremendous rush, BOY is frightening.

“Oh-otoko is on the verge!” Announcer Tako says. In this way, it is the landmark of Takoyaki taste that is saying puns.

More often, octopuses are wearing “Tako” trunks and surprisingly fine arts. Snacks are also important for the impact of appearance. Japanese sweets packages are also fun.

When opening the package it may seem a bit burnt. It seems that this is because it has picked the sauce twice.

It is immersed twice, the cost of takoyaki taste seems to be the highest even in a good bar. Of course, the taste and takoyaki sauce taste firm. That does not disappoint.

The tako-yaki taste of a good bar is as if it is really eating Takoyaki, the savory sauce is irresistible. It is rather close to the authentic taste. Although it has a strong taste, it is addictive that makes me want to eat something.

There is also accent of red ginger essential for Takoyaki, this is King of Umaibo.

Teriyaki burger taste: 35 kcal per one

Teriyaki burger taste package is also interesting. A monkey is jumping to “Teriyaki burger” with an eyeball saying “It’s okay!”.

This is another great hit again!

It is teriyaki flavor with stronger flavors of mayonnaise, there is junk taste! Teriyaki burger taste is moderately sweet and it is also nice to have an eating response.

Beef tongue salty taste: 33 kcal per one

Samurai is the protagonist of the beef tongue salty package. Samurai riding the cow carries a good stick that looked like a sword and said, “It’s a good snack !”, He says the impression as it is.

Because it is beef tongue salty, cows are tongue out. But the taste of this snack is made with your tongue. Do you notice?

A delicious stick beef tongue salty has a match of fragrance of black pepper, and it is quite delicious! Meat flavor of saltiness, reminiscent of beef tongue faithfully in my head …. And lemon is quite effective and aftertaste refreshing!

A delicious stick beef tongue salty is feeling snacks!!

Tonkatsu source taste: 29 kcal per one

Tonkatsu sauce taste has a character drifting in outer space and a package of pigs maneuvering the spacecraft. The spaceship itself is also a pig, and the art is fine.

When opening the package, it has a color like takoyaki taste. However, the source color is a bit thinner than the takoyaki taste.

If you eat it, delicious sauce flavor that does not disappoint. If you like sauce, you will definitely be delicious.

Tasty pork cutlet sauce taste has a solid taste, but it is also nice that the calorie is low.

Pizza: 35 kcal per one

Umbrella pizza taste package, how delicious sticks eat pizza. Hands and feet grow on good sticks, eating pizza by myself and talking to Frank to say “it is delicious” ….

I tried opening a package with a nice pizza taste … amazing! Cheese is spreading like a prairie.

The taste of pizza sauce is very tasty! I feel a little sour taste of tomato. The sourness and the mellowness of the cheese are splendidly engaged.

The feeling I ate was smooth creamy. I think the pizza sauce taste is most similar to the taste of food in the delicious stick series I have introduced up to now.

Natto taste: 32 kcal per one

There used to be a famous elders who solved numerous problems in Japan long ago. His name is Mr. Yomon of Mito. That he is eating a good sticky taste and saying “Happy!”

The fatty taste is exactly recommended for natto lovers! Natto make fermented soybeans, it is characterized by its unique smell and stickiness. This Umaibo is a crispy and the unique stickiness is also reproduced.

The fragrance of a hint of soy sauce also intensifies appetite and I always buy it when I see a delicious sticky taste.

Sugar Lusk taste: 34 kcal per one

In the package of sugar rusk taste, it shows the appearance of kicking the ball with “BAAAAN!” In football. That’s a good design with a good stick of sugar rusk taste, “Ace striker of sweets”.

Umaibo Sugar Lusk Taste is exactly sweet flavor! Feeling that genuine sugar rusk became lighter and crisp. It has buttery flavor, sweetness with richness and crackling feeling is wonderful!

A good bar is usually a hole in the middle and looks like a cylinder. However, the rusk taste has no hole. The reason why there is no hole is, according to one theory, it seems to be close to the texture of Rusk.

I want you to try the realistic taste once by all means so that I think “10 yen are OK for this?”


Umaibo reproduces the authentic appearance and taste unbelievably any flavor. And since it has a taste firmly and filling.

However even if I say, how much a good stick is low in calories is warned in overeating! I want you to taste a good stick as well as a fun package.