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Japanese candy toilet is CRAZY!

japanese candy toilet contents

Have you ever heard this crazy candy of bubbles overflown from a toilet? That's a new product called "Moko Moko Mokolet" released from a Japanese company "Heart". Japanese toilets known as washlets which help clean off after toilet use are very popular among celebrities. But why people want to eat that crazy bubbles from a toilet. That piqued my interest on the company that created this crazy sweets.

The creator of Moko Moko Mokolet

japanese candy toilet contents
heart This fine man holding up his fists in triumph is a president of the company "Heart". On the top of Heart's website, there was a principle of the company created by this president. We were completely astonished by it. It was... 「 There's one thing a business owner must have which is noble qualities of mind and character. 」The president created a vulgar product like Moko Moko Mokolet put a value on having noble qualities of mind and character. That means Moko Moko Mokolet may have noble qualities of toilet....? Let's find out through a product review.  

Making of Moko Moko Molet

Let's take a look at contents of Moko Moko Mokolet

japanese candy toilet contents

Moko Moko Mokolet comes with parts of prefabricated toilet, a sticker of a pretty mascot, two packages of Cola flavored and Soda flavored powders and one straw . I am really curious about the straw. How do I use it for this toilet...        

Finished putting all of the parts together!

japanese candy toilet

It looks a regular toilet as we see everyday.              

Trying to taste a Soda flavor

When you put a soda flavored powder into a toilet, bubbles are coming up from the toilet with bubbly sounds.              

Time for tasting

japanese candy toillet soda

It takes some time for more bubbles to be made and bubbles are overflown from the toilet. When we wash a toilet with a lot of cleanser, the toilet would probably look like this. I finally drink this bubbles with a straw. Wow, tastes really good. It



tastes a real soda and very delicious.           

I ate it all! But the toilet looks gross after finishing all the bubbles...              

Next.. Sampling a cola flavor

japanese candy toilet cola

In the same process as a Soda flavor, put a cola flavored powder into the toilet. Bubbles come up with the sound again. Ugh... This cola bubbles looks exactly like ..... (not to even mention)! This makes it harder for me to eat but I will tryanyway..            


Finished! This one looks gross...              

Bon Appetit

japanese candy toilet cola finish

Both Cola and Soda flavors were delicious.                


Particularly, a cola flavor makes a toilet look like... someone have a diarrhea have just used the toilet..  Well...Japanese enterprises are crazy making a product like Moko Moko toilet.