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Japanese Candy Toilet Series - Poop Shaped Gummy Candies


A bag of sweets was handed out to children at a festival in an elementary school in Japan. Right after that, the place  exploded with a racket so big that the ceiling was shaking. The children were all shouting out "the" word, the one that is considered "taboo while eating." The children are all looking so happy holding that piece of candy.  

The Name of the Candy - "Poop Shaped Gummy Candies!"

"Poop shaped gummy candy" comes in a surprising package as you can see in the picture. It contains gummy candies shaped like poop, just as the name says. If it was shaped like "real poop," you would definitely be sick of it... but it's a mercy that it's deformed, more like a "soft-serve ice cream." You might be wanting to know the taste... No, it's not durian flavored nor curry flavored, it has the taste of coke. It's probably made from the same ingredients to regular gummy candies.

The No.1 Sweets that Parents Don't Want to Give to Children


This "Poop shaped gummy candy" would probably be ranked as the No.1 candy that the parents and teachers wouldn't want children to have. But it was given out in a school event, by the teachers themselves. That makes it difficult for the teachers to say, "Don't eat that candy," and they look uncomfortable. It seems that they didn't care to check the inside of some ready-made sweets bag that they bought. The children must have gloated over having been able to shout out "Poop!" with the teacher's approval.


This story has a side story to it. According to a Japanese lady who is familiar with cheap sweets, "Poop shaped gummy candies" are really popular among the cheap sweets lovers. If that's true, why isn't this candy known to many people? I think there may be two reasons. 1. The cheap sweets lovers want to keep it a secret to themselves. 2. The cheap sweets lovers aren't children, they don't get overly excited over "poop." I vote for 2! We asked Tomoe Bussan, the seller of this product, about what other lineup they have. They also have poop shaped cookies, chocolate, fizzing candies, and candies, and it has been on sale since 7 to 8 years ago. Why don't you experience the sophisticated taste of "Poop shaped gummy candies" yourself?