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For women in their twenties who are likely to stay at home, not only will they be filled with stomach but you can also get in shape! Dream snacks…

Blissful moment. It will visit at the end of the day…
Slowly wear a half bath and pass the sleeve through your favorite pajamas. When I open the refrigerator, it shines sparkly and is waiting for me.

My beloved beer.

Today, I also bought a cute design fruit cocktails. I bring it to the table at once, and back and forth to the refrigerator again. Because I need snacks for fruit cocktail. If the appetizer goes well with fruit cocktail or beer , there’s no telling how much liquor I’ll drink, and vice versa. The best partners each other!

Nonetheless, I also care…Stomach around.

If I don’t have worry about my soft beer belly it is so adorable, this blissful dinner time will be even more perfect. I have always thought that.

I decided to devise snacks to fully enjoy dinner. It is delicious, calorie is low, and filling, best with beer. It is indispensable for me. At last I found the food the snack. It is “Konjac”

Konjac is very low calorie

Konjac is the ultimate low calorie ingredient.

The raw material is made from ”Konnyaku-imo”. It is kind of rubbery. Even a small amount makes me feel full, so I’m pleased. However, it is extremely low calorie as 5 to 7 kcal per 100g.

In addition, Konjac is rich in dietary fiber and calcium. It maintains good digestion by supplying needed dietary fiber, and this is also side of a diet. And one bag of this product, 60 grams of dietary fiber lots!!

There is also a double of the amount needed for a day.

Small face shape with texture of Konjac

Konjac has elasticity, so when you eat, you have your chin with the strength. By hard chewing, you can get a slimmer face. What’s more, you get hooked on this texture.

Taste of Konjac that is perfect for snacks

There are various flavors in Konjac but recommended for snacks is sweetness discreetly sweet soy sauce taste. When it comes with ginger and red pepper, it gets more accentuated.

A snack has a strong flavor that is perfect for tasting with sake. If you hear that it is a strong taste, there may be a negative image. Of course, overeating is not good, but in reality, it is beneficial to prevent overeating if it tastes strong.

Recommended while on a diet! “Kamikami Konjac” easy cooked rice recipe

I also like snacks, but I’d like to introduce recommended recipes to you who would like to use diet as a diet menu with Konjac.

Takikomi Gohan (Japanese Mixed Rice)

Ingredient (Serves 2)
220g Rice
60 g Chicken thigh
1/2 cup Kamikami Konjac
1/4 carrots
1 shiitake mushroom
1 edible clover

1 tablespoon of liquor
1 teaspoon salt
2 tsp Mirin or 1/2tsp sugar
2/3tsp Soy sauce

Preliminary preparation
1. Wash rice with water more than 30 minutes before cooking
2. Cut chicken thigh in 1 cm square.
3. Peel the carrots, cut thick slices, slice the mushrooms, cut the edible clover into 3 cm.

How to make
1. Add rice and seasoning ingredients washed in the rice cooker, and then add water outside the amount up to the water line you normally cook. Add chicken thigh, kamikami konjak, carrot and mushrooms and mix them, cook rice.

2. When you cook, steam for 10 minutes, mix them, stick to the instrument and decorate edible clover.

Low calorie Konjac contains dietary fiber and rich calcium in order to help dirt. Please change your usual snack to Konjac and make it a more delicious dinner time.

Also, we can make healthy Japanese cuisine (cooked rice) easily not only appetizer but also with rice, so please try experiencing Japanese food culture.