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Kracie popin cookin Colorful Ramune Land Instractions

I made Kracie’s new popin’cookin’ DIY candy kit “Colorful Ramune Land.This kit can help you to make kawaii ramunes(lemon pop).

It becomes smart in various tastes when I mix Making powder lemon, Grape, and Soda.


  • Tray
  • Spoon
  • Stick
  • Making powder yellow(Lemon flavor)
  • Making powder red(Grape flavor)
  • Making powder blue(Soda flavor)




Make the “RAMUNE” mix

Turn over the mixing cup and make the yellow color as shown in the image.



Use scissors to cut the pouch open along the line and then spread open the pouch opening.

Pour 1 ladle cup of water into the pouch and use the stick to stir it well.

Make the blue and red colors in the same way.

※Set aside the “RUMUNE” mixes you just make. Be careful to spill them!

Make the colors you want

Combine the yellow, red, and blue “RAMUNE” mixes you made in Making powder to make the color you want!

Use the spoon to put the colors a little at a time in the making cup and then mix them together well!

※Be careful not to put too much “RAMUNE” mixes into the mixing cup or it will be difficult to stir without spilling!


  • Blue(Soda flavor) + Red(Grape flavor) = Purple(Grape soda flavor)
  • Red(Grape flavor) + Yellow(Lemon flavor) = Orange(Orange flavor)
  • Yellow(Lemon flavor) + Soda(Soda flavor) = Green(Lemon soda flavor)

Mold the “RAMUNE”

Use the spoon to put the “RAMUNE” mixes you make into the mold.Press down on the “RAMUNE” with your fingers to shape it in the mold.

Turn over the mold and press on it from the back to empty the “Soft RAMUNE” onto the plate!

※If the “RAMUNE”  breakes apart, repeat 【Mold the “RAMUNE”】

Tutorial Movie


Japanese Candy Box

Maybe you’ll find
a Colorful Ramune Land in your Funbox