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Kraice Happy Kitchen Pizza Instractions

Kraice Happy Kitchen Pizza

The Kracie Happy Kitchen Pizza is a Japanese Do-It-Yourself snack making kit. Make a mini fast food set of two pork & cheese pizzas, happy face potatoes, and a grape soda drink. All you need is water and a microwave oven and a pair of scissors. Includes a plastic mold tray, spoon, cup and a bunch of powders and sauces.

Kraice Happy Kitchen Pizza


  • Tray
  • Cup
  • Spoon
  • Potato mix
  • Pizza crust mix
  • Cheese mix
  • Tomato sauce mix
  • Sausage mix
  • Topping
  • Grape soda mix

Allergen indication based on the Japnese Regulations

Milk, egg, wheat, soybeans, pork, gelatin


How to Make a Pizza

Kraice Happy Kitchen Pizza

  • First wash your hands well.
  • Ready a cup filled with water and microwave-safe plate which is approximately 15cm across.
  • Open the sack and remove all of the contents. Lay the sack flat and enjoy making the pizza on it.
  • Use scissors to cut the tray apart as shown in the photograph.

Make the potatoes

Kraice Happy Kitchen Pizza

Pour the potato mix into the ★tray, pour in 2 triangle cups of water, and mix well. After the mixure holds together, put it in the potato mold and push it flat with your finger.

Kraice Happy Kitchen Pizza

Cook this in the microwave oven. After it has sufficiently cooled, turn upside down the mold to remove the potato on the potato sheet. Cut it along the lines with the spoon into 4 pieces.

Cuidelines for heating time based on microwave oven wattage

500W 600W
Potato About 40 sec About 30 sec
Pizza About 60 sec About 50 sec

The heating time will vary depending onthe oven model and heating conditions, so please make the proper adjustments.

Prepare to make the pizza

Make the pizza curst

Kraice Happy Kitchen Pizza

Pour the pizza curst mix into the ★tray, pour in 4 triangle cups of water, and mix it by pressing it with the spoon. After the mixture holds together, knead it well with your plams until its surface becomes smooth.Keep mixiging it until it nolonger stickes. If the mixure doesn’t hold together well, add alittle bit of water with the spoon.

Kraice Happy Kitchen Pizza

Divide the crust into 2 balls, place one of them on the size guide of the sheet, and flatten it out form the center until it is about 6cmm across.

Kraice Happy Kitchen Pizza

When both pizza cursts are ready, place them on the microwave-safe plate.

Make the cheese

Kraice Happy Kitchen Pizza

Pour the cheese mix into the ♪ tray, pour 1 triangle cup of water, and mix well. After it holds together, place it on the cutting board of the sheet.

Make the tomato sauce

Kraice Happy Kitchen Pizza

Pour the tomato sauce mix into the ♪ tray, pour in 2 triangle cups of water, and mix well.

Prepare to make the sausages

Kraice Happy Kitchen Pizza

Use the scissors to cut the sausage mix bag along cutting line(1)and then pour the mix into the ★tray.※Save the sausage mix bag as a pastry bag. Pour in 2 triangle cups of water , and mix well. Place the mixture into the sausage mix bag and fold the bag along dotted lines (2) and (3). Cut the edge of the bag a little a bit with  scissors.

Now put the toppings on the pizza

Kraice Happy Kitchen Pizza

Cut the cheese into small pieces. Spread the tomato sauce onto the pizza crust. Squeeze out sausages and put the cheese on the top. Arrange the toppings as you like.

Cooke the pizza in the microwave oven.

Cook the pizza in the microwave oven.

※See accompanying table for the heating time. The cheese will melt.For the final step, put the topping on the pizza.

Following the directions on the sheet, make the pizza box, potato sheet and drink cup.

Now to finish

Kraice Happy Kitchen Pizza

Fill the cup with water up to 1cm below the top edge. Pour the grape soda mix and stir it well with the spoon. Place it next to the pizza and potato pieces and you are done!

※Only one pizza will fit into the pizza box.


Kraice Happy Kitchen Pizza