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Kraice Happy Pudding Making Instractions

Kraice Happy Pudding Making

Popin ‘Cookin’ is a creative series of Japanese do-it-yourself candy kits to make your own candy. Totally edible, these kits contain the different powders, molds and accessories needed to prepare the treats displayed. To create them, you only need to add water to the powder mixture and let it react in the molds.

Kraice Happy Pudding Making


  • Tray
  • Spoon
  • Vanilla mix
  • Orange mix
  • Cherry mix
  • Pudding mix
  • Pudding Caramel mix
  • Wafer
  • Toppings

Allergen indication based on the Japanese Regulations

Gelatin, milk, soybeans, Orange


Cut apaart the tray

Kraice Happy Pudding Making

Cut apart the trah with scissors in the order shown in the picture.

Make Pudding

Kraice Happy Pudding Making

Pour water up to the line in the pudding mold.

Next , add the pudding mix, and then gently mix it with the spoon 80 times.

※Crush any Imps in the mix

※It will take 10 minutes for it to set.

Make vanilla cream Step1

Turn over the “♪” tray to stand up the vanilla cream mix as shown in the picture.

Cut the bag with scissors along line ① and then open up the bag.

Make vanilla cream Step2

Kraice Happy Pudding Making

Pour 1measuring cup of water into the Vanilla Cream Mix, and then mix it well with the spoon.

※Make sure you thoroughly mix all the powder and water , even the comers.

※Remove the bag from the tray and fold the top of the bag along lines ②, ③, and ④.

Make tangerine jelly

Kraice Happy Pudding Making

Put the tangerine jelly mix into the “♪” tray.

Next , add 1 measuring cup of water, and then mix it well with the spoon 60times.

Gently scoop the mix into each of the three tangerine molds using the spoon.

※It will take 5minutes for it to set.

Make cherry jelly

Kraice Happy Pudding Making

put the cherry jelly mix into the cherry mold.

Next, add 1measuring cup of water, and then mix it  well 30 times.

※It will take 5 minutes for it to set.

Decorate the pudding and Jelly

Remove the pudding

Kraice Happy Pudding Making

Gently insert the edge of the spoon in the “←” direction on the mold to make  a small space between the mixture and the mold.

Hold the mold above the pudding sheet and turn it over to remove the pudding.

Make pudding sauce

Kraice Happy Pudding Making

Put the pudding source mix into the pudding mold.

Next, add 1 measuring cup of water and mix well.

When the source becomes thick, pour it over the pudding

Remove the jelly

Kraice Happy Pudding Making

Remove the cherry jelly and the tangerine jelly using the spoon, and then decorate the pudding.

Squeeze the vanilla cream

Kraice Happy Pudding Making

Roundly cut off the bottom corner of the bag. Squeeze it out onto the pudding.

Finish it up

Kraice Happy Pudding Making

On the pudding sheet, cut the wafer into the desired size.

Kraice Happy Pudding Making

Decorate with the toppings and the wafer. it’s now ready to eat!