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Love fortune telling by sweets | Snack fortune telling

“I wanna fall in love with someone “, “I have not been successful with him recently · · ·. ”

When you are thinking about love trouble, you also want to taste a happy mood with a sweet snack as a reward for yourself who always works hard.

If you go to a confectionary shop on the way home from work or returning to school, which one of the following will you buy?

a. Macaroon
b. Tiramisu
c. Parfait
d. Pancake

Love fortune telling by sweets

a. You chose a Macaroons …,
You will have a wonderful encounter with him, or you will get the best love affair. The star of the Michelin Guide which is a global restaurant rating book counts as “1 macaroon, 2 macaroons …”. Thus, Macaroon, which also has the meaning of a medal, implies that a fine romantic coming to you will come.

b. You chose a Tiramisu …,
It will be in a passionate love. The original meaning of Tiramisu is “pick me up”. Espresso bean sprinkled beans on the surface of tiramisu contain a lot of caffeine, which brings excitement. You may be getting into love in front of your crush.

c. You chose a Parfait …,
You will be an ideal couple. The parfait where various materials such as ice cream, fresh cream, baked goods and fruits are luxurious and beautifully served reminds me of “completion”.

It is an implication that a couple starting from now and a couple you already can make an ideal relationship. If you eat one parfait with one who wants to be in that relationship, it will be a stronger bond.

d. You chose a Pancake …,
Feelings wanting to be in love come up, or maybe you will be in love with my former lover again. Pancakes made with eggs are said to be the symbol of resurrection in Christianity.

For those of you who are busy with work and study, and who have not been in love for a while, will love you romantic power, couples who are stuck in a rut will be ardent love.