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Rules for Playing the Pocky Game


Rules for Playing the Pocky Game

In case of two people playing

To play the Pocky game, a man and a lady will hold each end of the Pocky with their mouth, and eat it from each end so that in the end their lips almost touch like they are kissing. It's a game to enjoy the pounding of your heart by doing so. It's a wonderful game full of ideas that was made up to have fun in a group party of men and ladies mixed up, called "Goukon" in Japan. You lose when you look away from embarrassment  or you let go of the Pocky.    

In case of many people playing

  • First, two people will start eating the Pocky from each end. When the Pocky gets to a certain length, one of the two will change places with another person. The two people who are holding the Pocky when it is all eaten up will end up kissing.
  • Make groups of two and close your eyes while eating the Pocky from each end. The group with the shortest Pocky will be the winner. If the Pocky breaks or their lips touch, they lose.

Play the Pocky game. After that…


In Japan, sometimes the relationship between the two people who played the Pocky game together will move forward quickly, and they will fall in love afterwards.

At a Party

A pair click together to go to a love hotel ♥♥

In the bus of a school excursion

A couple will grow intimate and the boy will be called into the girl's room. And then...♥♥

During recess time at school

A couple will fall in love with one another. They will go to an empty classroom and then...♥♥

Pocky game anime 【Attack on Titan】

Attack on Titan
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Ellen , it is a "wait"

prepics  Lieutenant is Pocky Dance.