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Tea break fortune telling Everything works well in love, work and private! | Japanese sweets fortune telling‼

“I am at the mercy of my life now. Love, work and private are not going well … ”

You think that everything goes wrong and I have the worst life in my life.

There is timing when everyone does not go well. In such a case, why don’t you take a break to relax with a cup of tea?

The tea you choose will tell you what you need now.

a. Darjeeling tea
b. chamomile tea
c. Assam tea
d. Earl gray tea


a. You chose Darjeeling Tea …,
You need to hone your own charm. Darjeeling tea is loved all over the world with elegant aroma and taste. It teaches you that it is time to raise the charm as a woman now.
You try trying to get qualifications, go to a hairdressing salon and use your time and money for yourself.

b. You chose Chamomile tea …,
You need relaxation. Chamomile tea is fruity and has a healing scent. It shows that you need to relax. Let’s take a bath, take a sleep, eat something delicious to refresh your feelings.

c. You chose Assam tea …,
You need to have a confidence. Assam tea has richness, a strong scent and taste. It implies that you will be unaffected by anything. If you accomplish something one thing, you will be confident and things will progress well.

d. You chose Earl gray tea …,
You need a challenge for new things. Earl gray tea is characterized by a refreshing scent of citrus fruits. It means the beginning of a refreshing day. If you have opportunities for new fields of work and learning, please try by all means.

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