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Temporary income? Increase your savings? Sweets fortune telling!! | Snack fortune telling

“I want to buy more clothes and bags I like! ”

You are not the only one who thinks so. With sweets you want to eat, you may know your future luck.

Well, which of the next sweets do you want to eat now?

a. Cream puff
b. Roll cake
c. Tart
d. Financier

Sweets fortune telling

a. You chose a Cream puff …,
Fortune will be up from now. Actually cabbage is said to raise money luck, but the origin of “sho” is French cabbage. It was named because its fluffy shape resembles cabbage.
In other words, with the roots of cabbage which enhances money luck, the cream puff has the power of the money up.

b. You selected a Roll cake …,
There is an implication that money gathers on you. A roll cake that is often chosen as a gift for acquaintances, for example, is a sweet with a sense of quality. There is a power to bring lots of good luck, but it is said that especially a roll cake containing plenty of cream, it will raise money luck.

c. You chose a Tart …,
You will be able to save money. Tarts containing a lot of creams and fruits are symbols that can save money. Temporary income and sudden increase in money luck are hard to happen, but you will be able to save money steadily. It would be nice to start depositing.

d. You chose a Financier …,
There is a possibility of extraordinary income and money luck up!! Finanche’s etymology is finance. Because the shape of the financier is similar to the gold bar. Financier is a sweets symbolizing money. There will be unexpected extraordinary income, and from now on the money luck will go up.