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For ladies in diet, by 5 situations, how to choose good sweets for your body

At this time, This makes a diet a success!!
I am currently working on a diet with a strong determination. Stop sweet things after my favorite dinner and walk around the neighbor for half an hour.

Yeah, it’s going well so far…

But, though. I can not stop only one. Rather it may have increased since I started working on a diet…

…It is a snack.

Reduce meals, reduce sweet things, increase exercise.

The more you do, you get hungry. And then, I will eat between meals due to my reward for my hard work. Recently lots of rewards. It may be due to sweets of snacks not only because of the age but also the weight loss has become dull.

But, I asked a nutritionist’s friend.

“All sweets are not bad for everyone. “


Not only low calorie, it increases concentration, “there is also a good sweet for the body” or something.

And my friend said last.

“It is okay even if you do not have patience if you have proper snacks and have proper knowledge.”

I shouted, unexpectedly “God ~!” Lol.

Friends of nutritionists say there are five ways to choose snacks for different situations.

1. When on a diet

While on a diet “feeling full” is a key word. If you only reduce the amount of food you eat, you feel insufficient by all means get hungry. Recommended snack at such time.It is “Konjac jelly”.

Because Konjac jelly has elasticity, it increases the frequency of biting, making it easy to feel full. Konjac jelly made by adding fruit juice to dietary fiber taken from “Konnyaku-imo” for Konjac jelly. It contains more dietary fiber than Konjac itself, it is told that Konjac jelly is effective for constipation.

In Japan, as a food for specified health use that adjusts the condition of your stomach, it is given a certificate from the country. Besides, it is a perfect sweet while on a diet called low calorie.

The expiration date is also long, preservation is also effective, it is sure to become a friend of a diet!

2. When I am hungry

Even without being on a diet, there are times when you are hungry. I am always. Lol

And as I am feeling guilty, I eat sweet snacks, but by replacing it with okara cookie, there are lots of advantages ! Okara cookie contains a lot of dietary fiber, so it helps to curb your appetite and moderate blood sugar level.

When the rapid elevation of blood sugar level, it will make it easier to accumulate sugar in the body as body fat. Rising further, probably, since it will sharply descend, you get hungry again at that time.

In that respect, Okara cookie has a reasonable sweetness, and prevent the elevation of blood glucose leave.

The raw material of Okara is soybeans.

It can be done in the process of making soy milk. It is very healthy and recommended not only for dieting, but also for snack-like children’s snacks. If it is cookie, there is also response to eat, I am happy that there is satisfaction.

Even if you do not have Okara cookie, just changing sweets such as cake and parfait with Japanese sweets has an effect. It is good to have a stomach well and choose a low-calorie Japanese sweets such as Dango and Manju.

By the way, since red beans frequently used for Japanese sweets also have a beauty effect, we also expect beautiful skin effect while eating snacks.

3. When concentration has expired…

Blood glucose of the enemy to diet. However, when the blood glucose level goes down, the brain becomes deficient in energy and the concentration force expires. But if you eat sweet snack which contains lot of sugars, it will cause a sudden rise in blood sugar level and a sudden drop, and a vicious cycle of energy exhaustion will occur.

So, if you lost concentration, we recommend a chocolate.

Caffeine of chocolate has a sedative effect, and the feeling calms down. And since it relieves anxiety feeling and tension feeling, it can expect the effect of restoring mental fatigue.

However, no matter how much chocolate, avoid plenty of sugar. Dark chocolate with cocoa percentage of 70% is the best!

Recently, there are chocolates which contain GABA and glucose which relieve stress, so I would like to try it as well.

When you feel something is missing in your mouth, why don’t you get a chewing snack ?

Even though I’m not really hungry, but I just feel like eating something… In such a case, it is recommended that a chewable snack that low calorie. Chewing not only effects a feeling of fullness but also small face effect and activation of the brain can be expected. Gum, sweet bean, dry squid ,kelp are convenient and preserved snacks.

5. for nutrition

If there are a lot of eating out, I would be happy if I could supply nutrition with a snack!! Vegetable chips supplement dietary fiber and vitamins that tend to be deficient in eating out. That saltiness and crisp texture becomes a habit. Also recommended for people who dislike vegetables and children are delicious and easy to eat.

Vegetable chips such as pumpkins and lotus root, sweet potato, carrot, etc. are rich in dietary fiber and vitamins. However, potato chips commonly found in vegetable chips are slightly more caloric. When you want to eat vegetable chips, choose dry type or non-fried chips.


Even while on a diet, you shouldn’t be so patient. It also causes failure and rebound, so let’s eat something of good quality moderately. In nutritious, healthy snacks introduced to the body are effective to give a sense of satiety by chewing and stress relieving effect. So please enjoy the mealtime while combining well.