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To be exciting everyday! Ice cream fortune telling!! | Japanese sweets fortune telling‼

“I do not want to repeat the same thing everyday! I want to challenge new things!”

You are tired of everyday just going to school or work. In such a case let’s ask ice cream what you are currently seeking from heart.

Sweet ice cream should make your day exciting. Well, which of the following four ice creams would you like to eat right now?


a. Vanilla ice cream
b. Chocolate mint ice cream
c. Strawberry ice cream
d. Green tea ice cream

a. You chose Vanilla ice cream …,
Staple vanilla ice cream is a sense of stability. You are tired of everyday life and your mind is not calm. Let’s give priority to touring more time with your reliable family and friends.

b. You chose Chocolate mint ice cream …,
You want a creative activity. You should find activity in which you can utilize your talent such as fashion, art and music.

c. You chose Strawberry ice cream …,
Strawberry ice cream with a beautiful pink color and fragrance means to enhance your charm. Currently, if you are compromising something, try to focus on what you are good at.

d. You chose Green tea ice cream …,
You want an evaluation from a high-ranking person. You chose green tea ice cream, you are requesting an evaluation from the school teacher or your boss. Why don’t you try to appeal what you have done well?

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