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Trouble outbreak! Sweets fortune telling which becomes a solution hint!|Snack fortune telling

“Trouble occurred at work! It’s not my day… ”

When a small trouble occurred at work or private, eat sweet things and reset your feelings once!

In such a case, which sweets do you choose for you? The troubleshooting tips may be in the sweet you chose.

a. Castella
b. Donut
c. Baumkuchen
d. Short cake

Sweets fortune telling

a. You chose a Castella …,
It is an implication that can overcome troubles and grow. The source of Castella is also said to be Castello (= castle or tower). In other words, your own growth is waiting ahead of this trouble. Be sure to believe that you can overcome troubles, let’s clear one by one.

b. You chose a Donut …,
You will be able to resolve the trouble strongly. Donuts made by frying with hot oil, have power to proceed strongly with things. Energy is coming up and you can definitely overcome the trouble, so please go ahead.

c. You chose a Baumkuchen …,
Your problem will slowly resolve. Baumkuchen with thin layers is a symbol that makes it possible to accumulate effort. Troubleshooting at once! It may not be, but by continuing to face patiently it will eventually be able to solve it.

d. You chose a Short cake …,
You might be able to solve the problem sooner than I thought. Shortcake is made simply with whipped cream and strawberry. A shortcake has a word meaning short in its name. Short cake is words short used in name. Troubles will be resolved quickly!!