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Umaibo flavors


What is Umaibo?

"Umaibo," meaning great tasting stick in Japanese, is a stick type snack that is sold in Japan by Yaokin. There come in many unique flavors such as fermented beans flavor, seasoned cod roe flavor, etc, and it is very cheap. That's why it's a national snack that most Japanese people have eaten when they were children.

Umaibo Character


There is a character with a two-head figure and a round face printed on the package of Umaibo, similar to Doraemon. It doesn't have a fixed name, but it is sometimes called by its nickname, "Umaemon," "Doyaemon," and "Umai Boy." He was born on September 13th, 1978, star sign Virgo, and blood type A. He is said to be an alien from a far away planet.

The Umaibo Song

Umaibo Flavors

Regular Flavors

Seasoned Cod Roe Seasoned cod roe is not used in the ingredients, but red pepper is actually the accent of its flavor. Different taste from "Spicy Seasoned Cod Roe" flavor on the regional flavors list.
Corn Soup This flavor was made in collaboration with another company. It is used in Pachinko (Japanese pinball game) chain store Ohta as a prize with Ohta's logo mark on its wrapper.
Cheese  The Italians like this flavor, too.
Teriyaki Burger
Vegetable Salad
Chicken Curry
Brown Sauce
Takoyaki Flavor is added twice in the production process, so it has a little bit harder texture than the other flavors.
Chocolate The form is slimmer than the other flavors, and chocolate is coated on the outside. Since it melts easily, it is not on sale during the summer season (June to August).
Beef Tongue with Salt
Onion Salad
Fermented Beans Since December 3rd, 2012. It has been reproduced twice and went out of production 3 times in the past. This is the third reproduction. There are many people who don't like fermented beans, even in Japan.
Sugar Rusk Since January 11th, 2013. To achieve the texture of a rusk, this is the only flavor that doesn't have a hole in the core of the stick. Instead, there are four small holes in it.
Premium Umaibo Seasoned Cod Roe Since April 1st, 2014. It is sold as a 10 piece pack for 200 Japanese yen, but it can be sold separately also as they have a barcode on each piece. Its form is flat, and the center hole is small, therefore being easier to eat as it is stuffed. Also, it is a little bit longer than a normal Umaibo. Uses seasoned cod roe powder.
Premium Umaibo Mozzarella and Camembert Cheese Since April 1st, 2014. Same form as the above Premium Umaibo. Uses mozzarella and camembert cheese.
Yakitori Since January 28th, 2015


Kiritanpo Snack(Akita Limited)
Monja(Tokyo Limited)
Honey Umaibo - Broiled(Shizuoka Limited)
Okonomiyaki(Western Japan Limited)
Spicy Seasoned Cod Roe(Kyushu and Western Yamaguchi Limited)
Umaibo Candy(Okinawa Limited)
Suddenly!! Umaibo Beef Tongue with Salt (Northern Japan Limited)
Umaibo Beef Tongue with Salt - "Niku no Mansei"(Not for sale, only given out at stores)

Out of Production

Squid Jerky
Spicy Punch
Crab Hot-pot
Omelet with Rice
 Chocolate Peanuts
Crab Dumpling
 American Beans
Pickled Plum Riceball
Red Lobster
 American Hotdog
Marine Beef
Original Takoyaki
Broiled flavor
Chili Sauce
Fermented Beans Uses powdered fermented beans, and has the stickiness of fermented beans on the surface. After it went out of production, it was reproduced on December 3rd, 2012. It has repeatedly gone in and out of production.
Brown Sugar  Since November 2nd, 2011. Smaller than other Umaibo. Disappeared from Yaokin's catalog in 2014 and went out of production.
Pork Kimchi Went out of production in 2014 just like Brown Sugar Flavor.

Reproduced Edition

Squid Jerky
Crab Dumpling
Pickled Plum Riceball