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What is necessary in love? Chocolate fortune telling!! | Snack fortune telling

“Recently, relationships with him do not go well …”

You were so lovey-dovey with him. But you didn’t get along with him. In such a case, which one do you want to eat out of the next chocolate? Chocolate that shows great power in love will tell you what you need.

a. Chocolate with nuts
b. Chocolate with brandy
c. Fruit chocolate
d. Chocolate with caramel

Sweets fortune telling

a. You chose chocolate with Nuts …,
The relationship between you and him will improve. Nuts are tree nuts. It means “to become fruit”, which means that good results will come out. Even if it is not going well now, you will be bound with a strong bond in the future. It may lead to marriage.

b. You chose a Brandy-containing chocolate …,
You can make up with him. Brandy with a good aroma and high alcohol content is an indication that increases the temperature of the heart. You and him will be able to go back to being a sweet couple from strained relationship.

c. You chose a Fruit-filled chocolate …,
You will bring back your relationship with him Fresh, balanced fruit with acidity and sweetness will refresh the relationship with him. Especially acidic citrus fruits will let you forget the negative emotions to him.

d. You chose a chocolate with Caramel …,
You will be able to make up with him. Caramel with rich sweetness and texture suggests that the relationship between the two people will be deepened. You will be able to feel the connection of a strong mind if you overcome the strained relationship with him.