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What is the secret of successful business ? | Japanese sweets fortune telling‼

“Recent work does not progress well …”
“I would be happy if my work got better with a bit of work …”

But, you do not know what to do. At such time, why don’t you try to relax feelings by eating Japanese sweets? Japanese sweets may teach you what you luck now. Which of the following 4 dumplings would you choose?

a. Kinako dumplings with sweet soybean flour
b. Anko dumplings with sweetened red bean paste
c. Mitarashi dumplings with sweet soy sauce glaze
d. Soy sauce dumplings with soy sauce

a. You chose a Kinako dumplings …,
Increasing the opportunity to say “thank you” will make it more successful.

Kinako which is memorable nostalgic is an indication that seeks calm of the mind.

From the busy day to day, you may find it hard to forget the gratitude to the surroundings. If you always are thankful to everything around you, will calm your mind.

b. You chose a Anko dumplings …,
Let’s reset the mind and body once.

Anko with gentle sweetness means you try every chance you get. That is a very good thing, but sometimes you burn out at work. Once you rest slowly, you will be motivated again and it will be more likely to lead to results.

c. You chose a Mitarashi dumplings…,
Do not mind evaluating others, believe yourself.

Mitarashi made from sweet sugar and salty soy sauce. It’s means you care what others think. It is important for you to be recognized from around. However, it is also important to have confidence in what you have done.

If that is possible, the surroundings will also evaluate you and the results will go up.

d. You chose a Soy sauce dumplings…,
Let’s make time to look back on yourself.

Among Japanese sweets with a lot of sweet taste, salty soy sauce implies that you want to appeal your existence. However, in order to appeal to your existence, you need to understand what kind of person you are. If you can do that, it will lead to work results.