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What will be your love destiny?Chocolate sweets fortune telling!! | Snack fortune telling

“I want to get closer to him who is interested!”

However, you do not have the courage and can not act. Let’s get power from chocolate. You may be able to find hints on how to approach him with chocolate.

If you would like to present to your crush, which one of the following chocolate sweets would you like to have?

Sweets fortune telling

a. Chocolate chiffon
b. Chocolate mousse
c. Chocolate cookie
d. Chocolate brownies

a. You chose a Chocolate chiffon …,
You will have a chance to get him.
Chocolate chiffon cake that swells means interest grows. Though he thought of you as a friend so far, he maybe like you.

b. You chose a Chocolate mousse …,
He will be attracted to you.
Chocolate mousse with a luxurious appearance and smooth mouthfeel refers to build that he and your special relationship. You are able to become more closer to him.

c. You chose a Chocolate cookie …,
It may be difficult to have a deep relationship with him.
The crispy texture of chocolate cookie implies that relationships with him will be like friends. Let him be conscious of being a special existence!!

d. You chose a Chocolate brownie …,
Your thoughts will be transmitted to him.
Chocolate brownies with a rich and rich texture while also having ease of eating means that your special feelings will make it easier for you to reach him. He may be interested in you!!