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What will it happen to your money luck? Sweets fortune telling! | Snack fortune telling

“I’m broke before payday! I wonder if I can survive…? What? ”

In winter, you have to spend a lot of money for gifts, you’re hard up.

In such a case, eat delicious sweets and calm your mind. Well, when you are out of cash, which sweets do you choose for?

a. Manju (It’s a bun filled with sweet bean paste)
b. Candy
c. Crackers
d. Roll cake

Sweets fortune telling

a. You chose a Manju …,
You manage to get over money problem. Round manju brings stability. But it difficult to get a extra income. However, you won’t spend all money. If you have plenty of money, it’s a good timing for saving, so please use it by all means.

b. You chose a Candy …,
There may be temporary income. Small and round candy reminiscent of money full of wallets. If you choose candy, there is a high possibility that money luck will attract such as temporary income, remembering the existence of the deposit that you forgot.

c. You chose a Rice cracker …,
It is an implication that you will not waste money. Rice cracker made of rice has calm power. So waste of your money will stop once. If you have money on your payday, turning into savings will increase your money luck.

d. You picked a Roll cake …,
You can save money. Roll cakes, which are rich sweets, have the power to attract money. Roundness is also in the shape of edge with money. It is time for your own power to rise, so if you devote yourself to work or study, it may be valued and there may be rewards such as bonuses and pocket money ups.