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What will your relationship with you and your boyfriend be? Chocolate fortune teller that understands future relationship with lover. | Japanese sweets fortune telling‼

“Recently, I have a strained relations with my boyfriend. You might break up with your boyfriend.”

If you do not have a good relationship with your lover, you think that you care about it and you can not concentrate on work and study…

In such a case, calm your feelings by eating chocolate.

By choosing which chocolate you choose you will know the future of you and him.

a. Chocolate with caramel
b. Chocolate with dried fruits
c. Chocolate with cinnamon
d. Chocolate with spices

a. You chose a Chocolate with caramel …,
You will feel strong link with him once again. Chocolate with rich caramel and moist sweetness represents a strong connection with him.
you have a complicated relationship with him, but overcome it and be bound again with a strong bond.

b. You chose a Chocolate with dried fruits …,
You will have a better relationship with him and will shine more and more beautifully as a woman. Dried fruits with a beautiful color and deep flavor represent beauty. You may break up with him now.
But you will surely find a man who is attracted to you who has become more and more attractive.

c. You chose a Chocolate with cinnamon …,
You will be able to think about relationship with him calmly. Cinnamon with the power to improve blood circulation and refresh feelings will calm your mind.
You can calmly reconsider the relationship with him, and you will be able to find actions to take and the desired future.

d. You chose a chocolate with spices …,
You will be able to solve the problem with him. Spices warm and stimulate the body and will bring you cool judgment and ideas.
I do not know if you will continue with the relationship with him or not. But you will be able to solve the problem now.

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