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You are Eager Beaver! Sweets fortune telling which find out the result of your effort. | Snack fortune telling

“I am trying hard, but I’m not getting good results … I am exhausted. ”

You always work hard, studying, and it may be there soon that results will come out. If you are eating at work or at the end of your study, which one do you choose?

a. Zenzai (sweet red bean soup with a grilled rice cake)
b. Monaka (wafer cake filled with red bean paste)
c. Millefeuille
d. Short cake

Sweets fortune telling

a. You chose a Zenzai …,
Your efforts will be acknowledged and the evaluation from around will increase. The meaning of Chinese characters in Zenzai is wonderful. It is a word used when praising people. In other words, you can say that the time, you choose Zenzai, is about to be recognized as “Wonderful” from the surroundings.

b. You choosing a Monaka …,
You will get the result you’ve worked hard. The etymology of Monaka means that there is a roots in the full moon. Like a full moon from the new moon to shine in the night sky, the thing that you’ve been doing so far finally becomes shape and it will head for achievement.

c. You chose a Mille-feuille …,
It will continue patiently until results are achieved. Mille-feuille, made by stacking several layers of pie cloth, is an indication that you can accumulate small effort and achievements. It may be difficult to get big achievements soon, but you will be able to your best till you get results.

d. You chose a short cake …,
Results will appear soon. A short cake with a name meaning short represents things going forward. It is a little more until the hard work so far as a result.
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