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Zero calorie sweets? Recommended for late night meal during dieting Japanese sweets

“Well, what shall we eat today?” … a supermarket on the way home from work.

I bought tonight’s sides and fruits cocktail, bread for tomorrow morning, and headed snack section in happy mood.
After having dinner, take a bath and eat while watching a drama episodes I recorded.

Why is the snack so delicious?

If I have this time, I can work hard tomorrow as well! When you arrive at the snack section in a supermarket, first check if there is a new release product of this month. What selling items?

I realized, I am on a diet …

Weight scale to keep on not riding all the time. Just the other day, I had a checkup of my company, I resigned to weighing myself. I escaped reality.

I can not stop watching a drama before bedtime or eating snacks, even in a hurry to start a diet. I tried to quit a midnight snack while I was on a diet. But, I was hungry so I could not sleep, I have experience binge eating and, got the weight back on, I think whether to quit to have a late night snack.

However, it is certain that eating late at night makes body fat easier.

Therefore, I tried looking for satisfying food, which is difficult to gain weight when eating while on a diet.

Then I found it. It is very sweet and tasty , And zero calorie!!

Zero calorie “Yokan” chestnut flavor

Yokan is sweet bean paste jelly. It is made of red bean paste, agar, and sugar. Originally it has plenty of sugar, but the yokan is zero calorie I found!!

The strange snack which reproduced texture and taste of yokan.

The chestnut flavor yokan is made from bean paste. Therefore, there is not “chestnut” , so make sure not to mistake it.

What is the taste?

There is a flavor of the chestnuts,but the taste is unusual and simpler than ordinary yokan.
Still, if I think that sweets can be eaten with zero calories, I am satisfied. Recommended sweets if you make your diet success closer while suppressing hunger and stress.

“Chestnut flavor yokan” If you like, it is easy to eat, I want to continue to use it well.

If you choose snacks for late-night snacks

Besides the “chestnut flavor yokan” introduced this time, if you choose sweets for late night snacks, we recommend something with low carb and fat.

Carbohydrates with a lot of sugar are easy to raise blood glucose levels, which tends to cause fat. Choose snacks with low carb and fat that are less likely to raise blood glucose levels.


“Chestnut flavor yokan” is easy to eat even during late night snack. Japanese sweets are generally low calorie and low fat, so it is ideal as a sweet while on a diet. Too much patience will cause dieting failure and regaining weight, so please don’t overdo the diet.