Kraice Happy Pudding Making Instractions

Popin ‘Cookin’ is a creative series of Japanese do-it-yourself candy kits to make your own candy. Totally edible, these kits contain the different powders, molds and accessories needed to prepare the treats displayed. To create them, you only need to add water to the powder mixture and let it react in the molds.

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Kraice Happy Okosama Lunch Instractions

Kracie Happy Kitchen Okosama lunch is a Japanese Do-It-Yourself candy making kit. you can make all of them yourself! This miniature lunch set contains everything from meat to vegetables, with each dish having it’s own unique flavor and cute look.

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Kracie happy kichin taiyaki odango

Kraice Happy Kitchen Taiyaki Odango Instractions

If you’re a fan of Japanese sweets, this is most definitely the DIY kit for you! This kit includes everything you need to make the miniature candy versions of four traditional Japanese sweets. Enjoy a chocolate cream ‘taiyaki’ fish shaped cake, try the ‘ichigodaifuku’ with its delicious strawberry candy wrapped in a rice cake, eat the three pieces of ‘mitarashidango’ on a skewer, and sample a cup of refreshing ‘ramune’ soda to wash it all down! This kit has it all!

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kracie neri can land

Kraice Popin Cookin Neri Can Land Instractions

Kraice popin cookin neri can land contains everything you need to make your own 100% edible cute figures, using mouldable candy clay. Five different colours of candy clay are included (white, blue, yellow, pink and black), in grape and soda flavours, which can be rolled and mixed together to create new colours. There is also a rolling pin tool and sprinkles to decorate your models with. Check out the link below for ideas on edible cuties you can create. The only limit is your imagination! We are also stocking other themed kits in this series. Don’t miss out on this crazy and fun Japanese candy adventure!

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kracie popin cookin ramen

Kraice Happy Kitchen Ramen Instractions

Kracie Popin’ Cookin’ sets are a fun and interesting way to make miniature versions of familiar foods from delicious candy materials. By mixing water and the included ingredients you can stir and mould this kit into a delicious ramen meal! It looks and tastes like real ramen! With this set you can also make sweet dumplings to accompany your ramen soup! Yummy! Great fun for children and adults alike!

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Kracie Happy Kitchen Donuts

Kraice Happy Kitchen Donuts Instractions

Kracie Happy Kitchen Donut t is a Japanese Do-It-Yourself candy making kit. It comes with chocolate and vanilla donut mix, two kinds of sprinkles, and three kinds of frosting: coconut/vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate. A favorite among the non-cooked kits, it actually tastes like donuts!.

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kraice happy kitchen pizza

Kraice Happy Kitchen Pizza Instractions

The Kracie Happy Kitchen Pizza is a Japanese Do-It-Yourself snack making kit. Make a mini fast food set of two pork & cheese pizzas, happy face potatoes, and a grape soda drink. All you need is water and a microwave oven and a pair of scissors. Includes a plastic mold tray, spoon, cup and a bunch of powders and sauces.

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kracie happy kitchen hamburger

Kraice Happy kitchen Hamburger Instractions

The Kracie Happy Kitchen Hamburger is a Japanese Do-It-Yourself snack making kit. These bite-sized sliders are a savory delight and lots of fun to make. Served warm out of the microwave, the burgers and fries go beautifully with a dollop of homemade ketchup and a fizzy soda to wash it all down.

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popin cookin drawing can land

Kraice Popin Cookin Drawing Can Land Instractions

Popin Cookin Oekaki Candy Land is a Japanese Do-It-Yourself candy making kit. Simply add water and stir to create cute animal-shaped gummy candies with a soda flavor. The kit includes blue, red and yellow candy powders, which can be mixed to create new ones.

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popin cookin bento

Kraice Popin Cookin Bento Instractions

Kracie p0pin cookin bento was really fun to do! And it tasted good! I don’t know why people are afraid to eat them. Will definitely be trying out the other kinds.

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