Japanese Candy Assortment | 2016 December Funbox

We are happy to announce the Contents of our December Funbox, sent to customers who ordered in November

Our December Funbox contains some kid’s favorites, such as poop shaped gummy candy and delicious Dars milk chocolate which melts as soon as put it in your mouth and spreads the sweetness instantly. There are also chewing gums which turn your tongue black and chewing gums which change their taste as you chew.



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Mini & Original & Family



Carefully selected cacao beans are blended with fresh cream and milk, and has a mellow melting sensation in your mouth with rich milk and deep taste. A smooth texture with a fragrance of milk reminds you of the insides of a truffle.

Stride – Golden Citrus


“Stride” gum with a characteristic of “excellent chewability that you can’t stop,” celebrating it’s launch of the “Stride Golden Citrus flavor,” collaborated with the visual style rock air band, the “Golden Bomber” who are flourishing with a “sprit that cannot be stopped.”

Pikachu Ramune


A crunchy, cooling, sugar-coated soda-pop candy. The outside is “strawberry flavored,” and the inside soda-pop candy is “melon-flavored.” If you suck on the candy slowly, it changes from strawberry to melon flavor, and if you bite the candy, it changes from strawberry to “watermelon flavor.”



First sold in 1964, “Kappaebisen” has been loved by everyone for over 50 years. With the deliciousness of natural shrimp, moderate salt seasoning, and the crunchy texture, it is so delicious that “you can’t stop, you can’t make it stop♪”


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From the left:)
Curry flavor
Shrimp-mayo flavor
Beef tongue flavor



A long-type soft candy with sugar powder in the center. The orange and lemon-flavored soft candies mixed in your mouth, changes to coke flavor.

Woven Potatoes – Consommé flavor


A new sensation potato chips, “Amijyaga,” is a fun-looking snack made by thickly cutting potato dough in a woven net-like shape. “Consommé” flavor contains vegetable flavor and garlic spices.



Kakinotane is a kind of the soy-flavored rice crisps originated in Niigata prefecture, has a underground boom overseas. It has an enduring popularity as a standard, dry snack to have with a drink.

Crispy Panda – Apple Custard


A limited edition product, celebrating the 20th anniversary of “Sakusaku Panda.” With the seasonal fruit of “apples” as it’s main theme, the limited edition apple custard flavor is a combination of apple-flavored chocolate, custard-flavored chocolate, and crispy biscuits.

Kit-kat – Green Tea flavor


Contains even more green tea leaves! By kneading “Uji Gyokuro tea leaves” in the Uji green tea flavored base into the dough, it has a flavor and fragrance of the aromatic uji matcha green tea. Please enjoy the “more deep, more genuine” uji green tea taste for grownups.

Yocchan Squid


This snack was first sold in 1977. Although it is called Yocchan “Squid,” the main ingredients include not only squid, but minced fish as well . It has a refreshing after taste of a vinegar.

Black-Tongue Gum


The insides of your mouth are all black!? Even though you are aware of it in advance, it still surprises you if you see kids eating this gum. Although it looks like it uses chemical ingredients that are not good for you, please do not worry because they use safe ingredients.

Bamboo Shoot Village – Kinako Chocolat


Toasty roasted soybean flour layered with mellow chocolate, combined with crispy cookies. Please enjoy the Takenoko no Sato (Bamboo shoot village) with the touch of Japanesiness.

Mr. Poop Gummy


This is a snack that parents do not want to buy the most. The name is Unchikun Gumi (Mr. Poop Gummy). Kids may get excited by its’ name, but parents scold them to not to say it out loud. Who is to blame? The developers of this snack.

URERAL Gummy – Citrus Tamurana


A fruitfully juicy texted gum. This gummy is made to represent the actual fruit: the white layer represents the white peel, and the yellow layer is the soft, watery jelly gummy. It uses selected citrus tamurana fruit juice from Miyazaki prefecture.

Dodotto Tsubupyon – Grape


A hand-made snack “that surprisingly changes into a grains when you drop liquid with the syringe. This grainy texture is addicting.



Origami is traditional Japanese traditional play. You can make cranes, frogs, shuriken etc from Origami. See how to make sea sites

Potato – Salt and Dried Seaweed


Dried seaweed rich in fragrance, matches the simple salt flavor, and brings out the deliciousness of potatoes. In order to bring out the delicious taste of the dried seaweed even more, it uses finely peeled sesame seed oil and red pepper as its’ secret ingredients!

Gallo Ball Nuts


Chocolate well-soaked into semi-bitter baked snacks, combined with crushed almonds, coated in mellow milk chocolate.

Anpanman Gummy – Coke


A gummy that you can eat while enjoying the shapes of Anpanman characters, now comes in the all-coke new flavor. There are five different kinds of trays, 24 different shapes of gummy. There are 5 package designs. After finishing the gummy, you can still have fun by pouring water or juice into the tray, and putting them in the freezer.

Asahikawa Soy Sauce Ramen


Asahikawa, located in Hokkaido, Japan, is famous for soy sauce flavored ramen. The characteristics of this ramen is the chewy textured wavy noodles, using Hokkaido Rishiki island Kombu (edible kelp) for soup stock flavor, finished with soy sauce with an excellent, rich taste.

How to Make

  1. Boil 450ml of water in a pot
  2. Put the noodles in the boiling water and cook for 4 minutes.
  3. After 4 minutes, pour the powdered soup into the pot with the noodles and stir.

Adults’ Hi-Chu – Bitter Orange flavor


“Adults’ Hi-Chu” series, uses real fruit juice that you can taste as chew on it, as it’s ingredients so that you can enjoy a genuine fruit taste. By adding quince as its’ secret ingredients, you can enjoy the particular bitter taste of quince.



Seaweed rich in fragrance prepared with stamp mill and flavored with soy sauce, and ume (Japanese plum) favored Ito seaweed arare (Japanese crackers made from glutinous rice), mixed with giant peanuts.
The ume on this snack adds an accent which gives you a good appetite.

Yogurt Raisin Chocolate


In order to make most of the natural sweetness of the California raisins, only a thin layer of yogurt chocolate is coated on this snack. They do not sort the raisins to match the size of each raisins.

Bubble Ball Grape


A bubbly and refreshing candy. The soda flavor spreads in your mouth, a candy full of cooling sensations. Double the fun with a lucky ticket that you may win.

Petite Potato Wasabi Smoke Cheese flavor


Refreshing spiciness of wasabi (Japanese horse radish) combined with rich cheese and addicting smoky flavor, a perfect snack with a drink. Soy sauce which goes well with cheese and wasabi, is used at the secret ingredient.

Ginjyo Amazake with Selected Malted Rice


Using malted rice and rice as its’ main ingredients, it includes Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B6, folic acid, dietary fiber, oligosaccharide, cysteine, arginine, amino acids such as glutamine, and abundant glucose. It is so good for you body, that it is called the “drinking drip injection.” Contains no alcohol.


Currently accepting orders for Funbox that will be sent out in December!

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