Japanese Candy Assortment | 2017 April Funbox

April Funbox includes “Kakinotane Thunder”, which is a marriage of two very popular snacks.
Kakinotane is crispy rice cracker fragment which has hollow inside and “Black Thunder” is a chocolate snack which is very popular with our Funbox users.

Moreover, there are plenty of fun and delicious sweets such as Kracie’s “Gummi Tureta” which you make yourself and play with it. It has 16 million views on YouTube.



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Mini & Original & Family

Pucca Chocolate


Pucca is a chocolate snack, made of cute, fish-shaped roasted plain-flavored pretzels, with sweet milk chocolate that kids love in the center. Have fun trying to find 9 different fish shapes.



Sugar Rusk Thick savoury sauce (tonkatu sauce) Umai BO (Yummy Bar)

From the left:
Sugar Rusk flavor
Salami flavor
Tonkatsu Sauce flavor

Sakeru Gummy – Grape


Chewy and juicy! Gummy that you can tear in grape flavor. It’s fun to tear, good to eat, a new type of gummy you’ve never tasted before. With twice the fruit juice, it’s even more delicious.



A hollow potato snack with a charming crunchy texture. The potato dough with butter aroma, and the simple salt flavor creates a superb balance. “Morinaga” is long-established snack manufacturer of biscuits, chocolates, caramel, etc. with an “angel” as its’ trademark.

Kaki no Tane Thunder


A “sweet and salty” Black Thunder, pursuing the perfect balance of the sweetness of the chocolate and the saltiness of Kaki no Tane (crescent shaped rice crackers with peanuts).

Mini & Original

Kappa Ebisen – Garlic Soy Sauce flavor


The concentrated soy sauce flavor familiar in east Japan, and the slowly-spreading garlic aroma, matches perfectly with Kappa Ebisen (shrimp-flavored snack resembling french fries). Please enjoy this delicious, unstoppable flavor.

Koeda Milk


A chocolate snack made to look like twigs. A unique light flavor created from chocolates, puffs, and nuts, is loved my many people in Japan, and is a long-selling snack for its’ delicious flavor.

Umetora Brothers


You can now eat Japanese pickled plums as if you are eating candies. A crunchy, plum flavored with vinegar. Please enjoy this like a candy when you mouth is feeling lonely.

Puccho -Soda


By inserting cooling paste, they’ve contrived a way so that you can feel more sodaness. With fizzy famine soda and the cooling paste, please enjoy a new deliciousness.

Whistle Ramune – Grape


One of the whistle snack series that you can eat and play.
A candy that you can make out a whistle noise.

A cute toy whistle comes in a box that you can have fun with.

Pokémon Chewing Candy


Pokémon characters from the movies are designed on a chewing candy, now in an all-new coke flavor.

Crispy Panda


A cute, panda-shaped chocolate snack with a combination of milk and white chocolate with biscuits.

ST Potato


A delicious seaweed and salt flavor, with the combination of potatoes and aromatic seaweed and salt. Please enjoy a crunchy-texted stick-type snack.

I caught a Gummy (Grape + Pineapple)


A video that a Youtuber posted about Gumi Tsureta (I caught a gummy), a gummy snack by Kracie, had over 10 millions hits on Youtube. Let’s try making it with your friends and share it online. For directions, search for “gumi tsureta” on Youtube.

Japan’s Single Office Ladies


A capsule toy of a popular comic based on a single OL (office lady), “ All About Single Office Ladies”, is now available. You can’t get enough of these cute characters.


Van Houten


Chocolate and Van Houten cocoa powder blended together in an original cocoa-blending method. Solid chocolate pieces that you can enjoy a change in the fragrance and its’ aftertaste from the concentrated aroma of chocolate that melts in your mouth.

Kit-Kat – Strawberry


By kneading in strawberries that brings out its’ flavors into a white-base dough, they are expressing a refreshing sourness and the taste of strawberries.

Fruit Juice Gummy – White Peach


Gummy made of 100% white peach juice, has a mild taste. You can enjoy a juicy taste of a white peach, with a fine elastic texture.

Hi-Chew – Ramune soda


Ramune soda is kneaded into soda and coke flavored Hi-Chew’s. A refreshing and stimulating flavor of the famine soda spreads in your mouth.

Petite Agemaru


Soft fried rice crackers with a crunchy texture, topped with a special sweet soy sauce flavor, is finished to a juicy flavor.

Sonomanma Coke


1 out of 3 candy is a super sour coke flavor. Why not trying eating it with your friends as a game to see who gets the sour one.



With a crispy and fluffy texture, and a mellow sauce that you’ll never get tired of as an accent, this is a octopus ball snack in a mellow Takoyaki Tei flavor! A perfect snack for kids! Please enjoy this with your family.

Auntie Maggie’s Cookies


Simple cookies with lots of smooth chocolate chips.

Hot Lemon


Just pour 100ml of hot water into a cup with one packet, and you will have delicious Hot Lemon. Includes 6 packets.

Donbei – Sukiyaki


A smooth and chewy udon noodles combined with sukiyaki-style sauce that includes a delicious tastes from the meat. Sukiyaki is an original

Japanese meat dish that has a perfect sweet and spicy balance of meat, sugar, and soy sauce.

How to Make

  1. Open the lid half way, and take out all the packets from the cup.
  2. Pour the ingredients packet, Pour boiled water until the inner line, and close the lid.
  3. Warm up the liquid soup by placing it on the lid.
  4. After 5 minutes, open the lid, pour in the liquid soup into the cup, stir well, and enjoy.

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