Japanese Candy Assortment | 2017 February Funbox

In Japan, February 14th is the day when girls show boys their feelings of love by giving chocolates.
February’s Funbox, includes lots of chocolate snacks that show our love for our customers who use our service.

It contains popular “Alfort chocolate blond milk”. The fragrant, rich buttery aroma spreads throughout the mouth, and milk enhances further sweetness.



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Mini & Original & Family

Alfort – Blonde Milk


An aromatic burnt butter kneaded into blonde color chocolate, combined with digestive biscuits. Please enjoy the rich flavor of butter.

Japanese Plum Mints


A long-selling Japanese plum flavored mints since 1973. Developed as a snack depicting a cigarette lighter, the “Ume mints” is a parody snack of a favorite item for grownups who contributed to the high economic growth period after the war.

Shigekicks – High stimulating Lemon


By continuous improvements from the conventional products, the most sour Shigekix in history was made. This lemon-flavored Shigekix is so sour, that even the fans of Shigekix are surprised. Has the highest sourness level of 5.

Sapporo Potato – BBQ Flavor


With more meat flavor, you can enjoy a delicious rich flavor of “barbecue flavor.” A light, crispy snack in a mesh pattern, made to represent the barbecue grid.


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From the left:
Takoyaki (octopus balls) flavor
Cheese flavor
Natty (fermented so beans) flavor

Chocolate Pie


Semi-bitter chocolate with nuts, gently wrapped in a pie. A crispy-baked, stick-type pie snack.

Chips Star S – Butter Soy Sauce


Chip Star potato chips made to represent potatoes sautéed with soy sauce, a seasoning that represents Japan, and butter. Flavored with rich soy sauce and butter powder from Hokkaido.

Chocolate Sweet Roll


Instead of red bean paste fillings like normal Anpan’s, this snack is a small and cute bite-sized bread with soft chocolate inside. A quick snack when you’re feeling a bit hungry.

Grainy Strawberry Pocky


A heart-shaped pretzel coated with grainy strawberry cream. A strawberry flavored Pocky for grownups with a heart-ringing cuteness with sweet and sour flavor. It uses cream that brings out the sour taste of strawberries.

Chameleon Ramune


This snack changes flavor and color like a chameleon. Let’s share the different flavors and tastes with your friends.

Chouhimo Q -Grape and Muscat Flavor


A longest string gummy that is 126cm long. You can enjoy the two flavors of grape and muscat. At the harbor, there are rumors that you can go fishing with this gummy.

Ice Fruit Candy


A candy with an icy filling and fruit pulps, made to represent a shave ice with fruits. You can enjoy mango and strawberry shave ice. A sugarless candy, fit for people who are watching their calories between meals.

Gudetama Sticker Gum


Gudetama is a character that is secretly raising its popularity overseas for it’s cuteness. This is a gum with a with a unique Gudetama monologue, “Gudegoto,” stickers as a bonus.

Kit-Kat – Adult’s Sweetness


With a “crush and spread” manufacturing process, crushed semi-bitter black biscuit with chocolate knead into the dough in a perfect balance. Please enjoy a “deep and authentic taste” for grownups created by the deep fragrance of cacao and black biscuit.

Neru Neru Nerune – Grape flavor


A grape flavored snack that will expand an become fluffy and change colors when you add water. Let’s add the included “candy chip” toppings and enjoy them! Contains calcium, does not contain artificial coloring or food preservatives.

Super Mario Choco Egg


The unique characters of “Super Mario Sports” now makes an appearance as Chocolate Eggs. The popular main characters are chosen as the design, and there are rumors that the most rare one is the gold Mario.


Rich Green Tea Biscuit


Please enjoy with the
1st bite, the fragrance of green tea shoots,
2nd bite, the rich flavor of chocolate, and
3rd bite, the deep flavor of cocoa and biscuits.

Giant Squid Noodles


Dried squid in a form of fine noodles, an easy-to-eat product. Perfect for events, party, or a snack to go with your drink.

Potato Fries


A stick-type fried potatoes. The simple, moderate salt flavor is so delicious that you cannot help wanting for more. The aluminum package cuts down humidity as well as UV light, and prevents the oxidization of oil to make it last longer; we can see some business effort even in the packaging.

Mentos – Mango Soda Flavor


Mentos is the most-selling soft candy in the world. This mango soda is a perfect flavor for summer. The candy is matured after production, so that the moisture transfers to the hard candy to turn it into a unique, juicy texture and taste.



CRUNKY is a chocolate with crispy and light molt puffs with smooth milk chocolate in a perfect balance. This chocolate continues to be loved by many people, as the king of chocolate with crunchy puffs.

Consommé Punch


A condensed soup with the deliciousness of meat and vegetables all in one! The juicy aroma and the rich flavor matches the light, crispy texture of potato chips; a taste that you will never get tired of.

Gajiriccho – Coke and Soda Flavor


The normal product is either coke or soda flavor, but this Gajuriccho is an awesome superior product that you can enjoy both coke and soda flavor at the same time.

Curry Rice Cakes


Curry rice cakes is made using authentic aromatic curry spices. It’s so delicious that you can’t stop eating them.



An AQUARIUS is powdered sports drink that you make yourself. Mix it with 34 fl oz of room temperature water, and cool it in the refrigerator. You could also freeze small portions to make popsicles. Chicken Ramen – Chicken Ajillo Flavor

Chicken Ramen – Chicken Ajillo Flavor


Pour the attached flavored oil into the soup with a kick of garlic, to make a “Chicken ramen bowl” in ajillo style. Includes satisfying ingredients such as chicken, colorful cabbage, and corn.

How to Make

1. Open the lid halfway, and take out the flavor packets inside.

1. Open the lid halfway, and take out the flavor packets inside.
2. Pour boiled water up until the line, and close the lid.
3. Place the oil seasoning on top and warm it up.
4. After 3 minutes, pour in the flavor packets, and enjoy!


Currently accepting orders for Funbox that will be sent out in February!

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