Japanese Candy Assortment | 2017 January Funbox

We are happy to announce the Contents of our January Funbox, sent to customers who ordered in December.

Yuzu Kosho” is the seasoning that has become extremely popular in Japan over last few years.It’s a mixture of chili powder, Yuzu peel (Japanese citrus fruit) and salt that is fermented.Yuzu Kosho is also becoming very popular with foreigners living and working in Japan.Now, we’re going to introduce “Yuzu Kosho” flavored potato chips in our January Funbox!



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Mini & Original & Family

Crisp Chocolate – Milk


A long-selling disk-shaped chocolate snack, with thinly baked crispy aromatic corn flakes molded with milk chocolate. It’s even more delicious with more chocolate! It has been 35 years since it went on the market.

Juicy Cider


A long-selling product, that has been over half a century since it was launched. You can enjoy a mouthful of cider flavor in your mouth with this big and hard piece of candy, either by chewing or licking on them.

Konnyaku Jelly


A bite-sized jelly made from konjac by Hanseika Company is clear and colorful. Konjac is wallet-friendly, as well as stomach friendly: konjac is good for digestion.

Scone Rich Carbonara


A new-flavored scone is so rich and addicting, that you’d be wanting to lick your fingers. Please enjoy the “rich carbonara flavor” of dense cheese and cream clustered with the spiciness of black peppers.


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from the left:

– Pizza flavor

– Yakitori (chicken skewer) flavor

– Corn Potage flavor

Mocchan Dango


A confectionary made of 3-colored mochi (Japanese rice cake)! The chewy texture is almost like an authentic Japanese sweets. Mocchan Dango is a perfect snack that goes well with tea. Because of its beautiful colors, it is popular to be included in assorted snacks.


Kettle Fried Potato – Citron Pepper flavor


The more you bite, the more delicious it is! Citron-pepper flavored kettle fried potato chips, combines the soft fragrance of Japanese citron, with the spiciness of red peppers.

Kishu Plum Pretzels


A pretzel that makes the most of the original ingredients: Nanko ume (Japanese plums) juice and ume salt from the Kishu region. Its made to a crispy texture, so that the taste of the ume stands out.

Winter Pocky


Rich and dense like a ganache, you can enjoy the taste of chocolate that gently melts in your mouth. The stick part, which a good blend, brings out the tastiness of chocolate. This is a delicious Pocket, available only during winter.

Doraemon Marble Gum


Doraemon is a character that appeared in the introduction video of the Tokyo Olympics, premiered at the Rio Olympics. This world-famous Doraemon is now designed on this bite-sized, easy-to-eat gum package.

Pie no Mi


The secret to the crispiness of this snack, is that they slowly and carefully bake 64 layers of pie crust. The abundant mellow milk chocolate inside matches perfectly with this crust, bringing out the flavor even more.

Tirol Chocolate – Matcha Mochi


A package of matcha (green tea) flavored chocolates containing matcha powder with authentic taste and deep aroma. Inside the green tea chocolate, there are matcha powder and gummy with a texture of mochi rice cakes. You can enjoy a refined sweetness for grownups.

Pukuccho Gummy – Hoppechan Cherry


Pukuccho gummy is harder compared to other gummies, but a single gummy has a mouthful of flavor. A small-size gummy in shapes of a character named Hoppechan. A juicy, sweet and sour, cherry flavor.

Gaburichu – Strawberry Yogurt


Gaburichu is very popular to those who purchase our Funbox. A new, strawberry yogurt flavor is now available. A sweet and sour, refreshing taste that combined the best parts of strawberries and yogurts.

Kuru Kuru Takoyaki


Sushi may be widely known as a food of Japan, but have you heard of Takoyaki? Takoyaki is considered the soul food of Japan which originated in Osaka. A DIY kit of Takoyaki is now available in the Funbox! Please see the URL for directions.

Cake Erasers


The tea time erasers were popular in our last Funbox. A cake version is now available. It looks so real that you may almost want to eat them. You might become popular if you bring them to class!?


Mitsuya Fruit Cider


A flavorful gummy that you can enjoy a refreshing tastiness and the splendor of fruits, using the Mitsuya Cider brand’s fruit carbonated drink, “Fruit Cider.” This is a refreshing mango flavor.

Galbo Mini


A rich chocolate with a crispy and chewy mysterious texture. You can enjoy a deep, high-quality taste of cacao from just a single piece.

BAKE – Sweet Potato Flavor


A snack that you can enjoy the texture and taste of a sweet potato cake in a chocolate. They replicate the taste and texture of a real warm and fluffy sweet potato cake that melts in your mouth. The chocolate is baked so that it’s crispy on the outside, and melty sweet potato cake flavor on the inside.



Healthy potato chips made from not potatoes, but sweet potatoes which is rich in dietary fiber. The natural sweet taste of sweet potatoes will spread in your mouth.



A light, crunchy, and satisfying textured chocolate that you can easily eat in a single bite. It’s a good snack to take on an outing.

Easy Erase Marker Pen


You can erase characters written with color marker pen with a white marker pen. Five colors of black, blue, green, red, pink are color marker pens.

Baby Star Ramen – Chicken


A ramen noodle-shaped snack with no cooking required! With thicker noodles, and dense flavor, it is more satisfying then ever. With more vegetable extract from onions, ginger, etc., it is more rich in flavor. Petite – Thinly Baked

Petite – Thinly Baked


Made using Koshihikari brand rice from Niigata prefecture. Thinly-baked rice crackers roasted until flavorful and crispy.

Angel Pie – Banana & Yogurt


Banana & Yogurt” flavor is now available from Angel Pie! Yogurt flavor is added to a banana flavor which matches well with marshmallows. This is an Angel Pie that you can enjoy health-mindedly, since it includes more than 100 billion lactobacillus that can protect your body from viruses.

Tokushima Ramen


The sweet-and-spicy soup made from pork bone broth goes well with thin rodlike noodles. You can enjoy a mild taste if you add a raw egg on top.

How to Make

1. Boil 450cc to 500cc of water, and put in a bundle of noodles.

2. Cook for 2 to 3 minutes

3. Turn off the heat, and add one flavor packet (soup base), and stir well.

4. Put the soup and noodles in your favorite bowl, and you’re done!”


Currently accepting orders for Funbox that will be sent out in January!

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