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What is Japan funbox?

Japanfunbox is a monthly subscription service that delivers Japanese candy to your doorstep with free shipping. We send you a box containing carefully selected fun and crazy Japanese snacks, candies, and DIY kits. The Original and Family ranges also include bonus items. Because we live in Japan, we are able to send you the latest candies, as well as items with limited availability that even Japanese people might find hard to find.

If I suffer from an allergy, can you customize the contents of my funbox to suit my requirements?

Unfortunately, we are unable to customize funbox. If you suffer from severe allergies, we recommend that you do not place an order with us. Our candy box contain a variety of products made with a wide range of ingredients. We do not wish for you to place an order that will cause you medical problems. We appreciate your understanding.

Can you send me a free funbox so that I can I write a review on my own blog or video site?

Thank you very much. We would be extremely glad for you to use Japan funbox for promotional purposes.

Although we are happy to accept promotional reviews for Japan funbox, we kindly ask that meet some of our requirements:

Please send us an e-mail if you wish to receive a funbox in order to share information about it with the rest of the world. Please send us information that will allow us to verify who you are, such as your ID and name, as well as monthly site statistics or any other relevant information. We also ask you to verify that you fulfill the following conditions:

  • That you have an already established site or channel, and that all information is consolidated and shared online.
  • That you have proof of ownership of the account that will perform the product reviews. Please feel free to contact us with any queries that you may have.

When are products shipped by Japan funbox?

We have our own delivery schedule:

Order Date 1th〜31th of the Month
Expected Arrival Date Second Week or Fourth Weeks of Following Month

Delivery takes approximately two to three weeks from the order date. However, different countries may have different delivery times so orders may arrive earlier or later than our estimates. We ship orders from Osaka using Japan Post. We do our best to package and ship the candy boxes so they get to you as quickly as possible; however, this process can take around five days.

Please contact us if you experience a delay that is much longer than expected.

How much do you charge for shipping?

We offer free shipping for delivering our products from Japan to anywhere in the world!

What countries do you ship to?

We ship to over 100 countries.

Can I verify the status of my delivery by using a tracking number?

We are currently investigating whether deliveries could be tracked all the way until they reach you at home. Orders will generally arrive at your home approximately two or four weeks after the order date. However, it all depends on the delivery companies of each country so there may be slight variations from our estimated delivery date.

We will never fail to ship an order that you have placed with us!

If your order does not arrive, please consider it to be a problem that has occurred during delivery.

Can I change my delivery address while I am using your subscription service?

Yes, you can change your delivery address while you are using our subscription service. To change your delivery address, click on “My Account,” then click on the “Change Address” button of the relevant subscription and change your details.

However, please note that when changing your delivery address, the country cannot be changed.

While placing my order, I made a mistake when entering my delivery address so I have not been receiving my funbox at all.

We are unable to issue any refunds or re-ship any orders caused by mistakes made when entering information. If we find out that your orders have not reached you, we would be able contact you to ask you to amend your delivery address. However, we are unable to do any more than that.

What payment methods can I use?

We currently accept payments via PayPal only. However, we are also planning to accept major credit cards from the beginning of 2016.

When do I get billed?

You are billed every month on the same day as your first order. For example, if your first order was placed on October 10th, your next billing date would be November 10th, the next one December 10th, and so on.

How can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription easily using our site. Cancellations are free.

To cancel your subscription, click on “My Account,” then click on the “Cancel” button of the relevant subscription.

One important point to note is that although you will not be billed from the next billing date after your subscription cancellation date, you will not be able to cancel any orders that have already completed. In other words, no completed orders can be canceled even if they have not been shipped yet.

I ordered a subscription by mistake. Can I cancel it?

If you cancel your service subscription straight after placing your first order, you will not be billed from the following month. However, your first order will have been completed and, therefore, you will not be able to cancel it. Please receive one funbox, and feel free to use us again if you like it.

I did not like the taste of the candies. Can I have a refund?

We are extremely sorry that you did not like the taste of the products we carefully selected for your funbox. However, unfortunately, even if you did not like our selection or the taste of the candies, we are unable to issue refunds of orders that have already been completed.
We always do our best to select candies that will please our customers, so we would be very grateful if you could send us your feedback.

I received a customs invoice. Could you pay it please?

It is extremely difficult for us to calculate prices based on the custom fees of each country. Also, setting prices based on the custom fees required by each country would increase the price considerably. Therefore, we are unable to pay for any custom fees that you have paid on receipt of your order.

What is your refund policy?

We will refund your purchase if your box arrives heavily damaged, or if the candies have spoiled. For more info please contact us at